Yes, it has a Wilson bi-fold garage door.  Yes, it has translucent photovoltaic panels that also illuminate the interior workspace.  Yes, it's heated and cooled by a geothermal system.  And yes, it's pretty much the most amazing landscape storage shed around.  Designed by Gray Organschi Architecture, this storage barn — more appropriately a storage rack that doubles as an 800 square-foot building — is the central hub for a landscape business in Washington, Connecticut. 


In order to hold the heavy landscape materials, Architect Magazine says Gray Organschi developed a cantilevered shelf standard with structural steel that accepts a standard 4 foot wide pallet.  The resulting look is both dramatic and undetermined. 

Now, if you've ever used a forklift, you know that although you can get something to just about the right height, you might bang the side of the structure putting it into place.  It'd be pretty unfortunate to poke a fork through one of the polycarbonate panels. I guess it all just depends on the equipment being using and the person using the equipment. 

[+] Storage Barn by Architect Magazine.




Photo credits: Ian Allen; graphic: Gray Organschi Architecture.