Modern Green Concept Home in Bellevue


Owners Millie Leung and David Huang just broke ground on this modern green home in Washington.  "The Green Concept Home" is the first single-family home registered under LEED-H in Bellevue, and the owners hope to obtain Built Green certification, too.  David (of Modus V Studio) designed the home, and both Millie and David will direct its construction over the next year.  Here's the layout and what they're planning in terms of green elements:

Green-concept-home-first-level Green-concept-home-floor-two

  • Solar hot water heater;
  • Solar photovoltaic panels;
  • Structural insulated panels (SIPS);
  • Rainwater collection system;
  • Heat recovery ventilator;
  • Radiant heat flooring;
  • Bamboo flooring;
  • Recycled content countertops and recycled content metal roof; 
  • Energy Star appliances and fixtures; and
  • Low flow water fixtures and low maintenance landscaping. 

The Green Concept Home will not only be a prototype, but it will be a demonstration home, too.  Along these lines, the owners are locking down partner relationships, so if you're interested in getting involved, make sure to contact Millie

The 2,840 square-foot home is estimated to cost about $200 per square foot to build (not counting any architect or contractor markup).  I imagine $200 per square foot will go a long way, so we'll follow the blog over the next year and provide an update upon completion.

[+] The Green Concept Home in Bellevue, WA.



Rendering credits: Modus V Studio Architects.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Although interesting, I have been hoping to see more than LEED certifications coming out. As we progress, LEED is lacking where passivhaus and a few other standards should become our new standard and goal. Net zero energy will be the way to go rather than reduced energy.


    • Preston

      While the Passive House zeros in on energy efficiency and tightness, LEED has a broader focus on other important environmental aspects, such as site issues, construction activity, materials and waste, water efficiency, and environmental air quality, etc. The goals and programs are slightly different, and in terms of sustainability, energy is only one part of the equation. To be clear, when you say you want to see more from LEED projects, someone else could say they want Passive House projects to use more eco-friendly materials and use less water.

  • Real Estate System

    I have seen their website before, it looks like they are really going places. I would love to have a green prefab home someday. My ultimate dream is to share a nice piece of land with some family members, and each have our own prefab home somewhere apart from each other on the property. That way kids can go see grandma by walking across the big yard, but I still get my privacy and mom still gets hers.

  • Anonymous

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  • Jason

    talk about innovative and beautiful. Gorgeous house great layout, and all green friendly to boot. So cool!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for all your comments and encouragement! We will have more updates on our project again on Jetson Green in the future. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our project website at Thank you!

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