Marken Passive LEED Platinum Home


About a month and a half ago, Marken Projects, founded by developer Alexander Maurer and based in Vancouver, BC, announced plans to build this 2,400 square foot home.  It’s going to be Passive House certified, LEED Platinum certified in Canada, and built using a German modular wood building system.  Needless to say, it has all the components of the kind of projects we like.



The Marken Passive LEED Platinum Home was designed by architect Silvia Steurer to consume up to 90% less energy for heating, cooling, and building operation than a standard house.  It’ll do that with extreme insulation, air tightness, and some good old fashioned passive solar design techniques.

Some other green aspects of the home include an efficient heat recovery ventilation and geothermal system, a flat roof mounted solar photovoltaic and solar thermal system, a rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling system, a green herb garden roof, south oriented triple glazed windows and sliding doors, and the use of renewable, low-VOC materials throughout the home.

As a side note, if you’re interested in building your own Marken Passive Home, you can purchase the plans at House Plans.  The House Plans version gives you the option to build with ICFs and SIPs.  In the mean time, we’ll keep in touch with Marken Projects to catch the final stages of construction of the Marken Passive LEED Platinum Home.






Rendering credits: Marken Projects.

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  • Kurt

    It looks very nice. Does it mention anything about the cost of the project?

  • Bman

    Frickin’ awesome! Only one small gripe… I don’t especially like all four bedrooms bunched together as it forces kids and parents to keep “close quarters”. C’mon, what about having sex with your kids listening or kids wanting to jam out. Point being… a couple bedrooms in the basement might be more “family friendly”.

    Nevertheless, I LOVE all the sustainable implementations the home applies. I’ve been toying with a similar concept (although different), so this really reinforces my current thinking on sustainable home design.

    • Preston

      Bman, some interesting points. As a new parent, I kind of like having the rooms on the same level as the master, especially with young kids/babies. How about soundproof master walls?

      But my concern with the bedroom level is that there’s four rooms with only one bathroom. If you’re have a family of six-eight or something using these rooms, it seems like a bathroom shared by the ancillary three rooms could be nice.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Thats really cool that it is designed to harness the seasons and the sunlight perfectly. I also like the green herb garden roof, this is something that so many new green houses lack, but it is a very big part of an all around green home. It would be very nice if there were a way to get food out of it as well as the other benefits.


  • Anonymous

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Great design and multiple integrated sustainable systems. I would rework the right side of the second floor to turn the storage into a full bath, and then have a master suite at the far right side.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool passive house! I am guessing based on all the different green tech included in the design that building this would be pretty pricey, though.

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