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Update 10/2/2009: Check out the SFH40 Premiere at WCG 2009!

Last year, West Coast Green had an awesome shipping container home exhibit, and it appears that this year will bring something similar.  Yet a little different.  As confirmed by Michelle Kaufmann (who will be speaking on Friday of WCG), start up Green Horizon will exhibit their green emergency / container housing unit at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California.  The design of the Green Horizon unit is pretty incredible — it knocks the socks off of FEMA trailers — so you’re going to want to see this in person.* 




Green Horizon makes a SFH40 Single Family Home that is equipped to support a family of four with food, water, and electricity for up to a week without any external infrastructure.  In addition, the same home can be configured for administrative, medical, and communications applications. 

The structures are built with 100% recyclable or recycled materials in modular components – which means parts can be swapped out and easily replaced if necessary.  The structure has a fresh water supply, waste water treatment system, tri-fuel power supply, and an energy efficient heating and cooling system.  Just perfect for the situation you never anticipated.

Green Horizon has a factory in Stockton, California, where these structures will be manufactured and deployed.  The facilities have been designed to obtain LEED Platinum certification, and it seems that the new startup has thought through all the various aspects necessary to make a high quality, green emergency shelter.  Make sure to check this out at West Coast Green.




Green-horizon-construction Gh-construction

*Of course, if you're not registered for WCG 2009, we're a media sponsor and you can receive a 20% discount on full conference registration at this link.  You may or may not need full conference registration to see the Green Horizon exhibit.  We'll keep you posted.   

Photo/rendering credits: Green Horizon.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Awesome! This would have been so useful during hurricane Katrina when they could not get enough sanitary housing for people. Though it would be nicer to see everyone wise up and start making more durable houses that can stand a strong storm and some flooding.


  • Anonymous

    why put it IN a container instead of making it part of the container itself?? with that said, container housing is a very viable option for emergency sheltering. We have an abundance of empty containers sitting in shipping yards now that should be picked up for things just like this!

  • Anonymous

    Very smart design! I have to say I agree with ZeroThreeQuarter, though….don’t really get why the home only fits inside of a container.

  • Bman

    The initial comments made at the beginning of this article imply this is a shipping container structure, which isn’t the case at all. It’s a mod. The video explains this in more detail (especially the photo of it in a container). Regardless of this, it seems like a wonderful idea and a great product.

    One thing that was left unsaid was the cost. How does the cost compare to typical FEMA trailers? Are these units cost effective for there intended use? These units seem like they would be awful expensive, which makes it somewhat impractical if thousands are needed for emergency relief.

    I get the impression Green Horizon is strictly marketing these units for disaster relief, but what about everyday use? These seem like wonderful mod homes that would accommodate sustainable living for daily use or as cabins/vacation homes. Do you agree?

    • Preston

      We’re going to update the article with pricing information when we get it. You make some good points. I’ll clarify above that these units pop out of a container or are shipped on flat beds.

  • robbieross

    That is a pretty slick product, I have been wanting to seen a good application for pin foundations.

  • Anonymous

    This is an awsome design, I see that you can pull it down the road for the hard to reach places and/or ship anywhere in the world with it, something FEMA has needed for a long time. Fantastic Ideal….

  • Anonymous

    Wait a second here…Is it just me or is this a total rip-off of the design that won the P/A award for disaster relief housing last year??

    Honestly people, seems like an odd coincidence that both people are from SF and the design that’s being displayed during the conference looks like a bastardized imitation, no??

    Who’s in charge of researching these things??

  • Anonymous

    its really fantastic!!! it is very convenient when we need shelters! we can hide our existence if we want haha 😀

  • Anonymous

    Some more great ideas-great minds do think alike.

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