Finish This Green Prefab Dog House

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Blake Schreck of Blicker Design was browsing the internet for the perfect dog house and eventually decided to build something of his own design.  After building these two styles, Schreck decided it would be fun to sell modern dog houses online.  The problem is, he wants to sell green dog houses.  So he emailed us and asks whether the Jetson Green audience has any suggestions for affordable, green materials, whether FSC plywood, recycled HDPE plastic, or otherwise.  What do you think?  Sound off below or at Blicker Design.



Photo credits: Blicker Design.

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  • Ambient Guy

    Very good point. I just purchased two large panels of ply wood but before I did I checked out the supplier’s catalogue and found that there were options for sustainable sourced ply (Finland I think was the source) whereas others probably are coming from unsustainable sources.

    Some of the ply was for a bookshelf and the rest was for a new music studio worktop. I wanted to be sure I could feel good about the studio and not have a contradiction in my studio: as in, creating music to make the world a better place whilst ignoring the destructiveness that could have been involved in creating the studio.

    For the guy with the dog kennels I think he needs to look at all materials and consider that if he goes green it will create a premium product that has more value to customers than a cheap alternative where the materials are the cheapest in town.

  • Ambient Guy

    P.S. tell him also to make sure the plasma screen and dvd for the kennel have auto power down too. I dont know many dogs who think about their electrical consumption. :O)

  • Anonymous

    Hello, My name is Jake Harrison and i am contacting you from Pioneer Millworks. Your concept and your ideas are very interesting to me. Please feel free to reach out and contact me. We are a very Eco friendly and green focused company and if i can help you in anyway i will. I see you are looking for a more green approach and we have what you need. We deal in reclaimed and FSC woods, which by the looks of things is what you are after.Thanks again and i look forward to hearing from you
    Jake Harrison.

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