Platinum Again for New World Home


A few months after receiving LEED Platinum in Georgia, New World Home has now received Platinum certification for this home in Youngsville, New York.  It's the first manufactured home in New York to receive the certification and the first home of any type in the state to receive the same level of certification without needing solar panels, wind turbines, or a geothermal system.  Like the Georgia home, this one accomplishes the task with non-exotic things like tight construction, efficient mechanicals, and green materials.


New World Home uses a design platform that they call New Old Green Modular (NOGM).  NOGM combines traditional design with green building to produce homes in about 100 days that are a minimum of 50% more efficient than commonly built homes.  They're designed to save homeowners money on electricity, water, maintenance, heating, and cooling expenses. 

With this house, there's spray foam insulation, Watersense fixtures, a tankless water heater, energy-efficient windows, advanced framing, low-maintenance fiber cement siding, and no added formaldehyde free cabinets, floors, and trim.  And a 5 kW solar photovoltaic system will be installed soon to save an additional 15% of energy beyond the current savings. 

Tyler Schmetter, the company's co-founder and COO, said in a press release, "We have the expertise to design and produce the greenest, factory-built homes on the market today."  It's hard to disagree … in the traditional home market, New World Home certainly seems to have a good thing going. 





Photo credits: New World Home.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty cool! And on their website they even offer smaller homes, too. One was a 741sf interior with a huge porch.

    I love seeing that!

  • Anonymous

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  • Portland Real Estate

    Very nice place. Although I think I am going to go for a Passivhaus if I end up with a lot of money for a manufactured home. I like the Passivhaus standard a lot more than just a LEED (though you can always get both).


  • Allen

    What I like about this home is that it appeals to “normal” people – who’re not into the look of more modern designs.

  • Name

    Cool stuff, just be careful on the tankless water heater installation. Many people put units in that are too small, or too far away from the outlet they want the hot water at. We have a bunch of guidelines and reviews to help you avoid those mistakes with tankless water heaters.

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