Green Prefab Townhomes Hit Oakland

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Prefab multifamily is the new black these days, which is why we’ve been watching startup ZETA Communities with interest.  ZETA, which stands for Zero Energy Technology and Architecture, finished these live/work, net zero energy townhomes in Oakland and has a number of other projects in the works.  The townhomes achieved LEED Platinum certification, a 240 green point rating, and an EPA Indoor airPLUS, the EPA’s highest indoor air rating.  Each home is 1,540 square feet with two bedrooms and a single-car garage.  And they’re packed with some of the following green elements and strategies:


  • Passive solar design;
  • Sound attenuation;
  • Ultra-efficient envelope/cellulose and spray foam insulation;
  • R-5/R-7 Serious Materials Windows;
  • Air-to-air heat exchanger;
  • Heat recovery ventilator;
  • Wastewater heat recovery system;
  • Energy Star appliances;
  • LED and CFL lighting;
  • Natural ventilation and natural lighting;
  • Low VOC finishes and zero VOC int/ext paints;
  • Use of FSC certified lumber;
  • Use of low cement, high flyash concrete;
  • Use of sustainable and recycled content finishes;
  • Low flow plumbing; and
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping.

ZETA constructs their projects piece by piece in an off-site facility and delivers the modules to site at about 80% completion.  After delivery, ZETA finishes the rest, and according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a two-bedroom townhome, including shipping, installation, mechanical systems, and appliances, could be sold to a developer for about $258,000 per unit.

ZETA doesn’t just sell to developers, they’ll work with colleges, cities, public agencies, and hospitals, etc.  We’ll keep our eyes on the company and see where new projects pop up.

[+] The ZETA v1 Gets Installed on YouTube.
[+] ZETA Oakland Live/work Fact Sheet in PDF.






Photo credits: ZETA Communities.

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  • M Realty

    Very cool, and what a perfect place to do it. Oakland needs some more rejuvination these days and these really nice townhouses are a great start.


  • Gainesville Real Estate

    I think the Rinker School of Building Construction here in Gainesville is working on some leed projects like this. What is the cost difference between something leed platinum or gold vs traditional construction right now?

  • Anonymous

    Now if only they could decrease the price, everything would instantly become more realistic. I’m wondering what the indoor lighting and home lighting looks like inside.

  • James Crosson 

    The houses which are made at that time they are Eco-friendly and they are help us in any type of disaster.They are amazing and its look so cool.The material which is use in them is cheap in cost.

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