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Daybreak is a thoughtful community in South Jordan (about 35 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City), and all their homes have a certain level of character that you just can't find with most new construction in the city.  Up until now, Daybreak homes haven't been modern, although all of them are Energy Star.  But Garbett Homes recently built two modern model homes, and this is Style B (see Style A).  The home was designed by KTGY Group and will be replicated with different interior and exterior options on a street in Daybreak.


The Style B home is 1,961 square feet with an optional 830 square-foot basement.  It's priced from $240k (i.e., the model has some upgrades).  With three bedrooms and two and half baths, you wouldn't necessary need the optional basement, and the exterior patio/lounge spaces are a big plus. 

The large and deliberately placed windows give the model a fresh, clean, bright, and homey feel inside.  Also, the model includes some of the following green elements: rooftop photovoltaic system (standard with purchase), a cool white roof, Hardie board exterior, dual-pane low-E windows, R-19 walls and R-38 ceiling, high efficiency furnace, and Energy Star appliances.  It's a step in the right direction, and if you could bring these homes closer to Salt Lake City at these prices, I'd be a buyer. 

[+] Style B Model Home Flickr Set.





Photo credits: Daybreak Solaris Style B on Flickr.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice clean design, but to label these homes as Green is stretching things a bit. Adding energy star appliances and a small photovoltaic array to an otherwise normally insulated house boarders on greenwashing. They missed a great opportunity for solar heating by placing more windows on the east elevation and not that many on the south. Were there any other Green products or strategies used: rain barrrels, LED lighting, whole house fan, low VOC materials, recycled materials?

  • Portland Real Estate

    I think I like this one better than the other. I agree with the first commenter, it feels very clean and new age.


  • creede

    They are all 2×6 exterior wall to accommodate extra insulation….

  • Anonymous

    I think that this sort of takeover by large developers of building green isn’t what it seems. A few months ago I was at a open house for some condos that we supposedly built green. Energy saving appliances , windows and heating. They looked new age, like this house in the article. IF you really start thinking about it, this house isn’t green at all. It was built by migrant workers who have no idea what green design and building is. The appliance may say its green or the heating system, but its cheap as hell , made in china and in the long run its more harmful to the enviorment. Real green building is a crew that specializes in building green. Just because there are a few appliances that save energy and the house is painted in uncommon colors , doesn’t it green. Green design should be a more soulful experience and not about knocking out a bunch of homes that might appeal to the current style. Maybe i think this way cause I am from seattle, I hate cookie cutter homes. I am used to seeing green homes that have character and home like the one in this article look fake .

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