A Simple Yet Functional Container Home


There's something about the simple design of this small container home that I really like.  It was mentioned on A Site-Specific Experiment, which is run by Chutayaves Sinthuphan out of Bangkok, Thailand.  The one-bedroom, one bathroom home was built using two, 20-foot containers with cutouts for windows and doors.  There's a prefab bathroom inside and the interior is insulated with a recycled content material. 


Located in Thailand, the home features a roof layer that's raised above the home — not unlike the roof design of the Ultimate Desert House or Cinco Camp.  Seems like a great way to use passive ventilation to keep the inside of the home nice and cool.  

Over the last few years, we've seen a trend towards using shipping containers in the construction of all sorts of structures.  Our site runs an archive of noteworthy shipping container homes to keep you up-to-date on the latest — make sure to check it out.



Photo credits: Blue Brown via A Site Specific Experiment.

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  • http://pepegrillo.com/ Kelly

    Just amazing, i love the houses builded with shipping container and this one look so elegant and minimalist.

  • Anonymous

    That’s really cool! I would like to see what the prefab bathroom looks like.

  • http://mportlandhomes.com/ M Realty

    Very cool. How expensive was it? Is this a viable home to mass produce for the citizens there? Housing is a big problem along with sanitation that would be nice if this can help.


  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool. I want to do this.

  • http://www.buildinggreen.com/ Mark Piepkorn

    Here’s a look at some general realities and the enviro cred of shipping container houses – http://www.buildinggreen.com/live/index.cfm/2007/12/13/Shipping-Container-Housing

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Mark, great article and thanks for linking to it. I should probably tag it to the end of any article we do on container architecture for readers’ benefit.

  • http://www.containerhome.info/ Container Homes

    Fantastic design, simple and elegant. I am a Software Engineer that recently got the bug for Home Design using Shipping Containers ( I am building one myself ) and so created a new Software Program to help people with the task of visualising what various design configurations would look like in 3D – It is hard to imagine until you “see it” – the software is free to download and use – it is brand new so I welcome any feedback or comments your readers might have about how we can improve the program. They can download a free copy at http://www.containerhome.info.

  • Jay

    I talked to the designer. He said that the house was built at the cost of roughly USD 10,000.00. He is hopping that the government will see this kind of project as a model for the government subsidized housing in the future, so that the production cost can come down more.

  • Anonymous

    is there a kitchen?

  • Anonymous

    i can have a look on this ?
    which place in thailand?

  • http://www.containeralliance.com/articles/renting-shipping-containers.php Shipping Container Guys

    Wow, that definitely looked great. I agree that this one is very elegant and professional looking!

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  • Keith

    I am a distrubutor of insulating coatings designed for container homes. E-mail me a t kblack@innovasol.com

  • Jack

    This is not at all a solution to housing the poor. Just the bare shipping container costs more than an entire brick-built structure in this region. 4″x8″ clay bricks are just 4c each, for example, and labor can be had for just a couple of $ a day. And of course it’s much cheaper (and more green) to build with bamboo, or compressed-earth bricks, and so on.

  • Don Meurett

    I live just north east of Bangkok. I would like to go to see this house if i had good directions. GPS position would be great. Plus contact telephone # of the owner.

  • mihial

    very nice but what about rust? we have a few furnished containers at the work shop which we take to worksites but they have started to rust

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