Going Postal with the Largest Green Roof in New York City

Green roof

Turner Construction is substantially finished with New York City's largest green roof.  The company, one of the largest green builders in the country, installed plants, grasses, and fourteen benches made of FSC certified lumber for the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The 2.5-acre green roof sits on the Morgan Mail Processing Facility on West 28th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. 

It's expected to reduce storm water runoff and save ~$30,000 each year in heating and cooling costs.  

Built in 1933, the Morgan Facility is an historic landmark.  When the old roof came up for replacement in 2007, the green option fit with the USPS's sustainability initiatives.  Installing the Morgan green roof will help the USPS meet its goal to reduce energy usage by 30% by 2015.  With native plants and trees, it should last about 50 years. 



[+] Turner Completes Largest Green Roof in New York City by Turner.

Photo credits: Turner Construction.

  • Anonymous

    Love seeing that on a building built in 1933!

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    I read about this when they were building it. It not only reduces the runoff from the building, but it keeps the building better insulated. A living roof also has a much longer life span than a standard roof.


  • Anonymous

    hmmmmmmm, I’m still not sold on the green roof as a green necessity….especially for a governement group that is as cash strapped as the USPS. If it saves them $30,000 a year on heating and cooling costs, when will the project have paid for itself? I’m sure it was a multi-million dollar project. If the ROI is longer than 10 years…..it wasn’t worth it. There are other ways the USPS could have gone green

    • KG18

      well i’m sure they were looking at the life of the roof… which is 50 years. and there was no word on where the source of the funding came from – but the roof needed to be replaced anyway… so the choice to do a “green roof” was certainly the most sensible. That aside it helps mitigate storm water runoff among other things – which is a benefit to anyone… as the sewer system can get overloaded.

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