Boulder, Colorado-based Parasoleil makes these panels from a variety of so called green materials, such as FSC-certified wood, aluminum, and steel.  The copper panels, in particular, are interesting.  Using 90-95% recycled content copper, these panels are made in a zero waste process that uses efficient waterjet manufacturing.  And they're 100% recyclable, too.  I've shown a variety of panels in this article, as well as a playful powder-coated application (above) and steel and copper patinas images (below).  


The panels can be used for almost anything imaginable.  Shade, canopies, fences, ceilings, surfaces, cladding, architectural light/shade, partitions, cabinet door material, you name it.  How would you use them?

[+] The Art of Shade – Parasoleil.




Photo credits: Living Green Design Solutions + Parasoleil.