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Get Ready for West Coast Green 2009

For the third year in a row, we'd like to announce that Jetson Green has teamed up with West Coast Green as a media partner.  One of the reasons we're doing this is because it gives us the opportunity to pass on a 20% discount on full conference registration.  Another reason is because the speakers and exhibitors are really good and friendly.  I loved the Harbinger House last year, too, so let's see what's in store for 2009.


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Green Woods, Hotel Trendlines, Compostable Items, + ASHRAE Labels

FSC versus SFI. Trendlines for green hotels. Moving beyond green building to green neighborhoods. Building green doesn't have to break the budget. Colleges see demand for green course programs. Could parking stimulate more bike commuting? CO2 monitoring advances air quality and efficiency. ASHRAE pushes new building rating system. A 163-item list of things […]

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A Few More Greener Jobs

We're in beta with a green job board, and everything's been going pretty good so far.  Plus, with all the talk about green collar jobs, we thought we could at least help out a little bit.  So if you're looking or thinking about looking for a job, make sure to check out these green positions.  […]

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Cottage Gets a Modern Green Addition

This is the new extension portion of a cottage house in Venice, California, which was designed by Canadian architects Bricault Design.  The ground level of the extension features large glass doors that swing open to a grassy courtyard, while the exterior cladding is part cedar batten and part greenery comprised of native plants and vegetables.  It's a striking combination of natural materials.


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Eight Small Ways to Build Green

In an article that appeared in the August 2009 issue of Buildings, John Kouletsis, executive director at Kaiser Permanente, set forth a list of eight things to do to develop sustainable buildings. These elements can be applied in the context of new construction or substantial renovations, but the key is to start doing something now. Here’s the list (with our own ad lib descriptions):


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A Simple Yet Functional Container Home

There's something about the simple design of this small container home that I really like.  It was mentioned on A Site-Specific Experiment, which is run by Chutayaves Sinthuphan out of Bangkok, Thailand.  The one-bedroom, one bathroom home was built using two, 20-foot containers with cutouts for windows and doors.  There's a prefab bathroom inside and the interior is insulated with a recycled content material. 


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