Old 1957 Home Gets a New Modern Look


Perched on the east side of the city is this renovated gem at 3602 Apollo.  I saw it a few months ago mid-renovation, and it's hard to miss: floating entry steps, dark mystical brick, expansive new windows, and a modern cedar fence.  Wow!  The home sits on a corner, and that deck provides captivating views of the surrounding mountains and downtown Salt Lake City.  Plus, it's for sale. 


3602 Apollo is offered at $749,000, which is not a paltry sum, but I imagine you'll get what you're paying for.  The home features accents of salvaged pieces, as well as walnut and bamboo in various spots. 

The 2,600 square-foot space includes three bedrooms, three bathroom, and a modern poolside cabana with a friendly overhang.  The home also has Bosch appliances and Philippe Starck fixtures and bath.  Future Form Designs poured all the sinks and countertops using concrete and they look pretty sharp. 

Interestingly, 3602 Apollo was built in 1957, but how would you ever know?  It's amazing what you can do with existing structures.  



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Photo credits: Tyler Gourley.

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  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    Interesting looking place, although I am not a huge fan. Not to mention this house seems a bit overpriced, even considering the nice green features that it comes with.


  • Anonymous

    750,000?!?!?! WHAT? That’s insane!
    i guarantee you i could build the same for less.. there’s barely anything here, it’s a nice design and all, but that much? hell no. that’s 288/sq.ft. in this market that’s an insane price to pay.

    • dude

      That is exactly why they are advertising online. It is worth about 450 at most, given the area.

      • Anonymous

        online or not doesn’t make a damn difference to someone who knows what they’re about to buy. just cause it’s online doesn’t mean they can ask 3-400 more then it’s worth. i’m still blown away by the over-the-top asking price.

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure what you mean by ‘that is why they are advertising online’
    other than the web, print, and an agent, where else would you advertise a home for sale? Maybe run some tv commercials and buy up some billboard space. Maybe an infomercial? If you know of another option or method of advertising, please share.
    Has anyone walked through the house?

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.johnbeckseminar.com/ Real Estate System

    Thats awesome. I wonder how many other little changes can add up to so much in savings when it comes to big chains. In most cases it pays more to go green in the long run, for your pocketbook as well as the environment.

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