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In July or at Dwell on Design, you may have heard about the launch of Hometta, a collective of architects and builders offering affordable, modern home plans online.  The collective may just be on to something interesting.  Opting to differentiate from the myriad other house plan providers, Hometta is focusing on small, sustainable, modern home design.  And all house plans adhere to a set of criteria, or the following principles:

  • For everyone: Hometta seeks to bring architects and potential homeowners together with the goal to make good design more approachable.  
  • Modern: only a small step away from pure custom home design, all the plans are designed by leading architects.  
  • Small: all home plans are capped at 2,500 square feet, which is roughly the national average for new construction. 
  • Sustainable: the homes use less materials because they're small, but the plans also call for the use of sustainable materials and affordable design strategies to boost energy efficiency.
  • Web-based: a handy Construction Guide (require subscription), together with podcasts and everything you need to build a home will be found online.

The site currently has approximately 30 modern home plans, and we've shown a few below to whet your appetite. 

Rubix House by Jones, Partners: Architecture


48' House by Interloop–Architecture


Loop House by Borden Partnership


M01 House by Manifold Architecture Studio


Seed'em House by Mike Jacobs Architecture


Stacked House by M O E


All images via Hometta; Wide Open House (top).

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  • http://www.postgreenhomes.com Chad Ludeman

    There has been a large gap in the home plans market for this type of product. There are only a few out there designing good home plans online and these guys are hitting the perfect niche for this current time in the market.

    Most plan sites are chock full of poorly designed homes that are outdated. They are too big and lack any thought towards energy efficiency or sustainability. Creating a completely separate site away from the big players in this field is the perfect idea. Limiting their designs to specific criteria and sizes is also perfect.

    Thanks for tracking these guys down Preston, and keep up the good work Hometta!

  • Kurt

    I browsed through a few plans on the website, but didn’t think that the ones I looked at offered any great efficiency where use of space was concerned. I currently live in a house that is under 1450 square feet yet has four bedrooms and two baths; some of the ones I checked out at Hometta had more square footage, but fewer bedrooms. (One was 2000 square feet with 2 bedrooms and two baths, for instance. Another was 2500 square feet with 3 and 2, and a third was 1200 with 2 and 2.)

  • http://mportlandhomes.com/ M Realty

    Im not so fond of the boxy shape, but I love anything that has so many green and sustainable features.


    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      I’ll take an extra side of boxy, corrugation, steel, glass, and concrete please.

      • Anonymous

        Cheers to that!

        I love all of that, and love even more that they capped the designs at 2500 sf.

        Great ideas!

  • Anonymous

    They would fit perfectly with new and modern indoor lighting and home lighting I seem to see everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Wow @the first render. Plopping a prefab down in the middle of farmland. Yes, very green?

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Funny … thanks for stating the obvious.

  • http://www.dialectdesign.com/ Toby Witte

    Well, we like their efforts! No doubt, especially since we are offering something very similar. Check us out at: http://www.dialectdesign.com

  • Chowman007

    2500 sq ft. small?…I don’t think so. Let’s try to target the single or empty nesters who would love to see creativity at 1000 sq ft or less. Panel, let’s get creative!

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