Green Simplicity with a Preform Prefab


In Surrey (near Vancouver), Canada, a new prefab company is taking shape.  Preform Construction has a 20,000 square-foot factory for building Predesigned Living Units that have been designed by Tony Robins of AA Robins Architect.  The home featured in this article is made with one unit and includes some of the following green elements:


  • A green roof;
  • Recycled and reclaimed wood products;
  • FSC certified, formaldehyde free products;
  • An on-demand hot water heater;
  • Warmboard in-floor radiant heating;
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures;
  • Grey water reuse system;
  • A low E double glazing system; and
  • A smart system to control heat and lighting. 

Most of the homes built by Preform Construction, at least for the time being, are larger and involve several Predesigned Living Units.  That said, just one of these units might work perfectly if you're looking to downsize.  Why not?





Photo credits: Preform Construction.

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  • Anonymous

    Very sharp modern design. And I think you are right, Preston, one of these would make a nice, small home.

    I didn’t see any info on square footage or price, though…

  • robbieross

    Great looking prefab!

  • Robb

    This is the coolest thing ever! I would totally live in one of these – it might look a little like a roadside diner from the outside, but on the inside it looks like any chic condo you’d see in DC or San Fran. Are they expensive? How much energy savings do they promise?

  • Portland Real Estate

    Very cool. This is the first pre fab company that I have seen that has built in grey water collection and reuse.


  • Anonymous

    Now that’s more like it, green I mean. Clean design, prefab, lot’s of sustainable features. A little small for my family, but maybe some day.

  • Anonymous

    very nice looking, but that looks like nothing more then a 1 bed bachelor pad. What’s the square footage? what’s the cost? what’s the cost per SQft? It’s nice, it has the right ideas, but it doesn’t look like it’s for the masses. Just looking at the pictures the dining room is for 2 maximum. I’m interested in the design, dissappointed in the execution and lack of information.

  • ryan

    All – these units start at about $250/sf depending on the amenities and options. They ship quite inexpensively and can be lowered onto just 4 concrete footings. Give us a call if you’re interested in discussing more. Ryan @ Preform

    • Preston

      Ryan, awesome … thanks for providing pricing information!

  • Rica

    Beautiful! Are there designs, including material considerations, made for Caribbean Island environments?

  • Anonymous

    inquiring as to price of the above 2 pre-fab homes: contemporary and santa fe. only need small home 2/l or 2/2 Also would like to know about 2 or 3 car garage detached however same style as home.
    thank you

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