Green Recovery [Giveaway]

Green-recovery-book We're giving away a copy of this book to one commenter below, so make sure to comment with a valid email before midnight on Friday, August 7, 2009.*

Harvard Business Press was kind enough to provide an advance copy of Green Recovery: Green Lean, Get Smart, and Emerge from the Downturn on Top, which was written by Andrew Winston, coauthor of Green to Gold.  As you might imagine, the book is perfect for executives, managers, and business professionals looking for a way to juggle both environmental strategy and business profitability.  Winston explains that investing in green strategy, if done properly, can save money quickly — therefore, it should be a core strategy of economic survival. 

Winston provides a simple road map for companies to focus on four strategic areas using available and existing resources:

  1. GET LEAN: amp up your energy and resource efficiency to survive the downtown, and make sure to get rid of stuff, not people. 
  2. GET SMART: use environmental information about products and value chains to save money, innovate, and generate a competitive advantage. 
  3. GET CREATIVE: rejuvenate your innovation efforts by asking heretical questions such as "Can we run our business with no fossil fuels?"
  4. GET ENGAGED: excite employees to solve their own, their company's, their customer's, and the world's environmental challenges.  

I'll let you read the rest, so if you're looking for info on positioning your company to survive chaotic economic times, I highly recommend reading Green Recovery.  You can easily finish it on your next three hour plane flight.  Grab a copy at:

[+] Green Recovery by Andrew Winston on Amazon.

*If you're interested in the book, drop a comment by midnight MST on Friday, August, 7, 2009.  Say where you're from if you don't know what to say.  By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to book giveaways on Jetson Green.  Shipping only within U.S.

  • Moe Masters

    We run a small wood mil in Perry, KS. We’ve successfully kept our carbon footprint relatively small over the last 30 years and are now making a concerted effort to reduce it even further.
    We’ll be reading this book either way, but it would be sweet to win a copy.

  • Susan Webster

    When has a glactic social & economic shift ever occured without a lot of struggle? It would seem as much as historians show us what and how society eventually rejects the accumulation of great wealth by a few, and the clinging to the past by those who are not able to take those leaps of faith into an uncertain future we continue to repeat the past before we
    can move into the future.

  • Ram Shrivastava

    We need to help fight for energy independence through conservation and generation of renewable green energy. Books like this are essential for reading by corporate management and start their Green initiatives that are meaningful and money savings. The stimulus funding program has many financial incentives and grants for Industrial commercial plants to achieve energy conservation and implement other green practices.Everyone Wins!

  • Pete Surber

    Love the Giveaways. Subscribing from San Francisco, I could really use this book as a new green startup’s Director of Biz Development!!

  • Michael D Long

    Sounds like a good book

  • Asheen Phansey

    I’m really looking forward to reading Andrew’s book; I’ll be looking for some practical tools and examples. Many books put forth the concepts of sustainable business; these are inspiring, to be sure, but we need more on-the-ground theory! (If that’s not a paradox.) If Green to Gold is any indication, I’m sure it’ll be a great read.

  • Anonymous

    I own a general contracting business called Boston Green Building. We approach all of our projects with a sustainable strategy, aiming to lower energy bills, increase energy efifciency, minimize the carbon footprint of each projct, and fulfill our environmental responsibility by carefully managing each step of the construction process. We feel that we provide an example for other small business as we have “greened” (hate this word) every aspect of our business. Currently we have a green product showroom, share an office with other green companies, We have a functioning Freewatt co-generation 95% efficient heating system, LED lighting, a rainwater collection system, plans to install a 3.8 kW solar system on our roof at the end of august, and install a green roof next Spring. We loved Winston’s first book and can’t wait to read this new one. Keep up the good work!

  • Aaron

    Your blog gives hope that we can build our way to a sustainable world! Reading you in Jerusalem, Israel, where we desperately need more green building (and peace too).

  • Joe

    I really enjoyed the first chapter of this, which was released previously as a kind of “teaser”, and would love to have the whole book!

  • Amy S. Chan

    Fort Lee, NJ

  • Anonymous

    hope i win this one :)

    • Preston

      YDN, congrats! You’ve won the book. I’ve sent you a separate email for your address. Everyone else, good luck on future book giveaways.

  • Benjamin Boyd

    Enjoying your site from Jacksonville, FL.

  • Anonymous

    We need a reset, not a recovery. Trying to get the economy “growing” again based on green technology is the wrong way to think about it. Economic “growth” measured by GDP, is all about increasing the rate of consumption: more natural resources converted into more goods for more people to consume and discard. We need to reset the economy to produce more value with less resources and less externality costs. More at

  • Anonymous

    Me likey

  • Anonymous

    I’m an aspiring city manager and hope to integrate sustainable practices into my community.

  • Kevin minney

    Thank you for your inspiring commitment to green building

  • Anonymous

    Green concept is a new trend in building design in Malaysia. There shall be a lot to learn for a small firm like us to really understand the basic Green concept, especially in architectural design.
    We will be grateful to have won a copy. But, anyway, congrats to the winner, whoever he or she is.

  • Anonymous

    I am a commerical real estate broker working in Minneapolis, MN. We are always looking for smart ways to advise our clients on sustainable strategies in space use. Knowing its all connected, this book could be very helpful.

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