We've mentioned Arizona State University's green School of Sustainability, and we've also mentioned greenscreen modular trellis panels, but we're going to bring it all full circle here in one article.  ASU used greenscreen green walls in the renovation of this 1960s building to add a little something extra — to cool the interior, clean the air, and bolster the design.  A wall was removed to add this distinctive element, and the strategy seems to be working. 

ASU_greenscreen-int ASU_greenscreen-interior

Currently, ASU's greenscreen features a number of desert-tolerant vines, grasses, and flowers, but in the future, herbs and flowers will be added to brighten the facade.  The wire trellising and greenery creates shade for the lobby and the breezeway, and students / faculty flock to the space for lunches and socializing.  Just wait until it all grows in …



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Photo credits: Greenscreen.