Crazy Deal on Modern Green WeeHouse


A couple weeks ago, we mentioned you can buy the McGlasson weeHouse in Duluth, Minnesota, and now we have news that a weeHouse STUDIO is for sale — for the crazy price of $48,000.  It's currently located in Siren, Wisconsin, but the buyer can have it shipped anywhere the land will take you for $1,000, plus about $7 per mile.  The 324 square-foot pad is just perfect as an artist retreat, guest/bunk house, yoga studio, or freelance workspace. 


The weeHouse features natural bamboo on the floor, walls, and ceiling, as well as an IKEA kitchen wall, two stainless steel refrigerators under the counter, Andersen sliding glass doors, fully insulated walls, a weather-tight EPDM rubber roof, and a custom cedar deck that ships separately.  The details.

But if you're looking for something a little bigger, again, there's the McGlasson weeHouse, or catch some inspiration from our other articles on the Johnson Creek weeHouse, Marfa weeHouse, Oeschger weeHouse, or the off-grid weeHouse

[PDF] weeHouse STUDIO for sale – $48k



Photo credits: Alchemy Architects.

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  • robbieross

    Outside of the formaldehyde MDF (called once and they did not know what formaldehyde was) Ikea kitchen this is a nice product. Actually not too bad of a square foot price ( a little high for the product) and simple but never the less well thought out. Here is another example of someone who put some effort into the design.

  • Anonymous

    i dunno, thats toooo frickin expensive for temporary basis, i’ll just use that money to rent…i dunno man, i just can’t live with that….

    • Preston

      It’s probably not meant to exclusively live in because there’s no bathroom/tub.

  • Anonymous

    Can I get mine with wheels?

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