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USGBC founder David Gottfried’s super green home received a total of 106.5 points and LEED Platinum certification, but this home, The Sage, just received 110 points.  It’s the highest score west of the Rocky Mountains and the first LEED Platinum home in Eugene, Oregon.  Designed by Arbor South Architecture, PC, The Sage is a demonstration home for the firm.  It’s meant to give clients and the broader public an idea of what can be achieved through sustainable design and green building.  Take a look inside, it’s beautiful.

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The thoughtful, modern home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms neatly packaged in 1,447 square feet of space.  And if you’re in the area, you can tour The Sage as part of the Home Builder’s Tour going on right now through August 2, 2009.  Here’s a snap snot of what makes this home green:

  • Advanced double 2×4 framed walls w/ foam insulation;
  • Active solar water heating and solar photovoltaics;
  • High efficiency electrical heat pump/natural cooling;
  • Heat recovery ventilator and Energy Star appliances;
  • Drought resistant landscaping and rainwater collection;
  • Efficient low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets;
  • Reclaimed lumber flooring and recycled cork floors;
  • FSC wood cabinets w/ recycled paper countertops;
  • High-efficiency windows oriented for natural light;
  • Accent siding reclaimed from Cuthbert Amphitheater; and
  • Zero VOC paints throughout the house.

Located at 1261 Crenshaw Road, The Sage was designed, built, and developed speculatively by Arbor South on an infill lot.  It’s price tag is $450,000, and Arbor South estimates that the home cost an extra $50,000-$60,000 to build it to such a high environmental level.

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All photos: © Mike Dean Photography.