Small, Modern, and Green YardPods


YardPods are steel-frame, prefab rooms designed to fit snugly in your backyard or somewhere else which are made of modular, eco-friendly parts and materials.  A YardPod, like many of the sheds we've been talking about, can be used in a number of ways, such as for a home office, media room, arts studio, zen retreat, exercise room, work shop, cabana, studio — you name it!  The new company was noticed by Kent Griswold, the Tiny House Blog, and he was able to uncover some interesting details. 


First, YardPods was founded by two industry stalwarts.  Malcolm Davies was CEO of Michelle Kaufmann Designs and before that, CEO of Gehry Technologies, a Frank Gehry company.  Marvin Mauer was a CEO of and former VP of Mattel.  The two of them have seen enough in this industry to know what's on the horizon. 

Second, the do-it-yourself version costs between $2,800 – $4,250 when collected from the Northern California factory.  The finish-it-yourself version is expected to cost between $10,000 – $15,000 for the largest 10'x12' size.  And the complete YardPod is expected to cost between $15,000 – $20,000 for the largest 10'x12' size. 

YardPods are made in a solar powered manufacturing facility (in Sonoma Mountain Village) with a number of green materials, including FSC woods and plywoods, recycled and recyclable steel framing, bamboo and cork flooring options, recycled natural cotton fiber insulation, cool roof or long-lasting standing seam metal roofing, efficient windows and doors, and HardiePanel siding.  Interesting … definitely keep YardPods on your radar.


Photo credits: Kent Griswold (top/bottom); Middle render: YardPod.

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  • Green Commission

    Interesting read about Yardpods from @JetsonGreen

  • Chuck

    After all that experience, working at MKD and for Gehry, and this is what he has on the market. I don’t know how that flat roof sheds water and why the price tag is so high. MKD went under because their product was too expensive.

    • Preston

      Agreed, companies need to get the pricing strategy right from the get go. I imagine these numbers will change as the company grows into full launch.

  • robbieross

    This is a pretty generic product and other than the DIY option kind of a high price point. Its nice to see there are a few design options on the website but nothing that got me going. I also noticed they listed the insulation as LEED Certified. Either I didn’t know that a product could be certified or they meant to say it could count towards LEED Credits.

    • Preston

      Saw that, too. We all know products can’t be LEED Certified, so I bet that’ll change shortly. The DIY option seems like the way to go.

  • M Realty

    Great idea. I have been looking for a local company that makes prefab greenhouses. That would be something just as useful as a prefab shed that could be assembled just as quickly.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comments on YardPods. We are committed to drive the price down as we optimize the design for ease of fabrication in the factory and speed of erection on site. We are also inviting a small group of outstanding designers to create their own signature YardPods which we will market, so we anticipate offering more creative building designs in the future. Thanks for catching the error re: LEED, we will fix it!

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