Old Storage Shed Converted to Modern Green Guest House


There's a 250 square-foot storage shed renovation making the rounds on the internet right now.  Designed by Jeremy Levine Design (also behind the North Eagle Rock renovation), this new guest house features a prominent tilted, redwood clad wall that divides the bedroom and the bathroom.  With abundant natural light and bold elements, the Silver Lake, California renovation also features some of the following green elements:


  • Redwood from recycled cuts;
  • Natural light through skylight and windows;
  • Drought-tolerant, native landscaping;
  • Landscape design using gravel, rock, and recycled slate; and
  • 50% recycled fly ash sink and countertops. 

Also, you'll notice that some of the redwood cladding was swapped out with polycarbonate strips, which provides an interesting visual detail and source of lighting.  All in all, it's a beautiful and creative transformation of the old space. 

[+] Silver Lake Guest House by Jeremy Levine Design.


Angled-wall-detail-two Angled-wall-bedroom



Photo credits: Jeremy Levine Design.

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  • Clayton

    I want one of these immediately. This is an example of recycling at an architectural scale, taking something that is usually demolished and taken to the dump, and instead finding a new life for it as the bones of a modern gem.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! love it. really nicely done! not much else to say other then that really!

  • http://mportlandhomes.com/ M Realty

    Great use of space! Looks like I am going to be able to afford a guest house someday. Though, I do wonder about the fly ash countertops. I have read many bad things about fly ash, and I am sure someone has already considered this, but are there any heavy metals in that reclaimed fly ash? If there are heavy metals like mercury and lead in that, I would never keep it in my house.


  • Anonymous

    thats a really cool idea! I would sleep there for sure! We need more houses that are “green.” We need to help the world! GO GREEN!

  • Rory

    stunning transformation- I would love to see this in person. The angled wall is very sculptural- connects house to landscape/

  • http://www.echo-landscape-design.com/ Maggie


  • manoymano

    a great example of how to do a lot with a little. very efficient little structure.

  • http://www.cheapsolarpanelsforsale.com/ solar panels for sale

    Wow. What an excellent job. I wouldn’t mind living there at all. I think it looks even better at night!

  • http://twitter.com/john7447 john7447

    Looks nicer than the house I live in

  • http://www.ultimatelandscapesaz.com/ chandler arizona landscaping

    Hey, this looks almost like some landscape style in Arizona with the Aloe and Cacti etc. I really like that flagstone work too. I also really like the grade and the rocks you used. I may “borrow” some of these ideas…

  • http://www.goldpartying.com Gold Party

    That looks so relaxing and inviting! A perfect place for guests to have their own little space.

  • Roscoe

    This is wonderful. Transformation of an old shed to a beautiful guest home, two thumbs up!

  • http://www.classicstonegallery.com/ Tampa Granite

    Useful system old storage shed conversion modern green guest house

  • Thearchitect

    Preston! Keep up the good work of promoting good design. I am amazed at your subscribers who complain about not getting house plans for free. Don’t they realize that soemone has had to spend many hours designing them? $20 is nothing for what you offer. You don’t need those sort of subscribers who I will bet would not give anyone an hour of their time for nothing. I’ll bet they are the types that visit project homes, collect brochures and plans and then steal the copyright protected designs and have them drawn up by a cheap draftsman. Tell them to go somewhere else!

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  • althea cabria

    nice house i want to live in that house

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