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The last time we mentioned Green Hammer Construction, it was in regards to a nice green renovation, which just so happens to be for sale right now.  These days, the company has just finished building another green home that’s located in West Linn.  The 1,867 square-foot residence is waiting for LEED Platinum certification, an amazing feat even considering the fact that approximately eighteen other homes in Portland have already received the designation.  In some cities, high performance green design and construction is fast becoming the standard.  Here are some of its green features:

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  • Hydronic radiant heating system;
  • Use of low- or no-VOC materials;
  • Spray foam insulation and super efficient envelope;
  • Use of nearly 100% locally-sourced, FSC certified woods;
  • Landscaping with drought-tolerant, native plantings;
  • Durable, reflective standing seam recyclable roof; and
  • Energy Star appliances and lighting;

As the neighbors stop by, the house and landscaping has become a talking point for homeowners Brady and Michael Weber.  The front yard features a garden for food production, and after speaking with others about it, already three other neighbors are converting their lawns to gardens.  

In addition, the West Linn green home was designed by McCune Design and the HERS rating puts the house at 43% more efficient than code.

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Photo credits: Green Hammer Construction.

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  • http://mportlandhomes.com/ M Realty

    Awesome! I love that Portland is the epicenter of green ideas. Everyone here is very accepting of the green eco friendly ideas. There are lots of LEED certified buildings here and more are being built everyday.


  • http://www.sprayfoam.biz/ Vicky

    The key is to eliminate any origin of foundation dampness issues. For instance, you could employ gutters or angling the ground away from the house prior to insulating the basement. If you cant eliminate the supply of water, its best not to insulate.If you line your foundation wall with insulation, you should do the same with the rim joist.

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