If you've ever wanted to live in a modern prefab and you're interested in living about thirty minutes north of Duluth, Minnesota, now might be your chance.  In 2005, Alchemy Architects designed this seasonal cabin of roughly 840 square feet, and after that, it became a hit in the national media.  I noticed it in Kiplinger's of all places!  The McGlasson weeHouse has two bedrooms, one and three-quarters bathrooms, a roof deck, and a detached sauna. 


The home is surrounded by lush, green, natural surroundings and features a trademark red exterior of corn crib pine.  In addition, the weeHouse has maple floors, IKEA birch and white cabinets, and custom interior detailing from Scott McGlasson.  It could be yours for the current price of $280,000




Photo credits: Alchemy Architects.