LEED Platinum Modern UR 45 Home


Just a quick jaunt north of Dallas right off of Central Expressway, there's a small community called Urban Reserve.  In Urban Reserve, all the homes are modern and sustainably designed — the minimum standards require Energy Star and a HERS of at least an 80.  This home is just one of several architecturally unique homes in the development.  Referred to as UR 45, the LEED Platinum certified home was designed by Shipley Architects for an executive of the development company, Rick Fontenot.  


The 1500 square foot home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large porch on the westerly side that's shaded by a generous overhang.  One of its unique aspects is the ramp walkway to the door that gives the home a houseboat feel (see top image).  It helps that the home sort of floats in the air on six concrete piers. 

UR 45 is wrapped in southern yellow pine, but below that, there's spray foam insulation for energy efficiency.  The interior uses reclaimed and recycled materials, and the home is cooled by a geothermal powered air conditioner.  Not to mention the house is close to the city's DART light rail.  For some of these reasons, GreenSource called it their Best Green House of May 2009. 

[+] May 2009: Best Green House by GreenSource.


Fontenot-interior Fontenot-bathroom



Photo credits: Shipley Architects.

  • http://mportlandhomes.com/ M Realty

    Great looking place with a nice area around it. I love how they made all the reclaimed material look brand new and modern. Though, I would rather not have my house next to train tracks, it gets unbearably noisy. In fact, my office faces the train tracks as I type now and it makes me completely batty listening to them blare all day long.

  • http://www.goldman3d.com/ Brian

    The House Style with natural materials and minimal shape sorounded by all the nature let us feel its a perfect place to rest and share great moments.

  • http://www.sprayfoam.biz/ Vicky

    Consumers and manufacturers are learning that a green home is not a geodesic dome or my house, it’s only a certain standard and kind to the environment. Even today, at prices and developed, green houses also promise significant savings on the bill, reduce maintenance costs, a healthier indoor environment, and peace of mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marty.summerour Marty McBee Summerour

    These sustainable houses are terrific. We want to build a house in the Appalachian Mountains. We might need a house that looks like it fits in the mountains.. But we love the sustainability ideas.. Hope we can use something like this in the beautiful hills. 

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