Wow, Our Third B-Day Came Quick!


After the big bash we threw last year, you may not believe this, but I just remembered that today is the third blog birthday for Jetson Green!  I can't believe I forgot all about it.  But hey, here's the thing:  I really appreciate that you keep coming back to this little site.  I really do.  With all the great curators of fine green content out there, whether Inhabitat, Moco Loco, Materialicious, Contemporist, Metro Hippie, Dwell, Re-Nest, Treehugger, Low Impact Living, or otherwise, I'm glad you've spent some time here, too. 

Jetson Green has served two million readers to date and now averages about 125,000 monthly readers.  And that's not counting RSS subscribers, which is over 5,000 per day.  Most importantly, however, the numbers are nothing without the people behind them.  Grab the feed if you haven't already. 

At the request of readers and companies, we're now in beta with a free green building job board.  I hope this provides a good resource for our knowledgeable and talented readership.  Check out Greener Jobs when you have a chance. 

Additionally, the Jetson Green Twitter account is increasingly critical as a means to interact with and learn from readers and companies.  It's not replacing blogging by any means but adds to the entire conversation.  When I started tweeting some two years ago, I didn't know what it would become, but it's a great place to think and monitor ideas.  Follow @jetsongreen and add to the conversation. 

So, how about another excellent year? 

If you have any suggestions, need a connection, or would like to collaborate with Jetson Green, make sure to send me an email at jetsongreen (a) or comment below.

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Preston! I do read those other sites, but this is always my first stop. So thanks!

    • Preston

      Brian, always great to see you coming back and commenting. Thanks.

  • Bman

    I stumbled on JG while looking at container homes last year and have been a fan ever since. I visit daily (sometimes throughout the day) and love the content and presentation. Keep up the good work and smile that your doing something you love that’s helping society.

    Right on bro!

    • Preston

      Bman, glad to hear it. I have a number of container homes I’m trying to prep for publication. We’ll keep it coming.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Preston! You provide an amazing service!

    • Preston

      Definitely appreciate the continuing support — thanks, Chris.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations. Great work!

    • Preston

      Much appreciated, Josh. Have a good weekend.

  • metrohippie

    You’re a rock star Preston! Always my first stop for anything green building related. Keep up the great work, and look forward to connecting non-virtually at some point.


    • Preston

      Now that you say that, I am a drummer! Hey thanks and definitely, we need to meet at something sometime. Looking forward to it.

  • elaine

    Congratulations on your success, Preston! Was so cool to meet you at GreenBuild last year, as I’m a fan. Looking forward to keeping in touch. :-)

    • Preston

      Elaine, likewise, it was great hanging out at Greenbuild. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Chris Cheatham

    Congrats on three years. That is a lot of blogging!

    And I am glad you got on the twitter train. I seem to remember someone not quite endorsing twitter at last years Greenbuild. :)


    • Preston

      Thanks, Chris.

      I remember the event, and at the time, I’d been using Twitter for nearly two years, so I don’t know if you call this getting on the Twitter train. Haven’t I been on it for quite some time?

      I remember the question being, “will Twitter replace blogs?” I was wrong about this question in one regard. I didn’t see Twitter becoming the pulse of the planet, so it’s definitely going to replace both blogs and mainstream media as a form of breaking news. It’s not, however, as I argued at Greenbuild, going to supplant the long form discourse and imagery that is shared on blogs and in mainstream media. These tools will all co-exist.

      See Death of Blogging and Twitter and Facebook.

  • Andrew Stone

    Hey Preston,

    Happy Birthday to Jetson Green! This is a bit belated, but I have been away from blogging for a while…. Your site has filled me with inspiration and kept me driven. Thanks for it all!

    • Preston

      Thanks Andrew, much appreciated. I definitely wanted to hit your party, but we went out of town for a small trip. So relaxing. Let’s grab lunch sometime …

      • Andrew Stone

        You got it! Lunch it is. I’ll be in touch.

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