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Photographer John B. Carnett just launched a monthly blog called Green Dream on Popular Science.  You're probably going to want to follow it.  On Green Dream, Carnett's sharing his experience building a dream home using geeky, affordable, green technology.  I was drawn in by one of his early articles on the framing / insulation system that he's using to eliminate thermal bridging. 

Carnett's using a new prefab panel by Kama Energy Efficient Building Systems, which is made with light-gauge metal studs and Neopor — a non-toxic, recyclable expanded polystyrene.  You'll remember that Kama EEBS system recently received a Top 10 Green Building Product award from Sustainable Industries for a similar system, but this new Neopor panel is going to be used for the first time ever on Carnett's home. 

The prefab panels are shipped to the site in pre-cut form, and Carnett said he installed the whole house system in about eight days.  That's about seven days longer than stick framing, but the long and short is, Carnett was able to do it with some friends without special tools at the cost of roughly $25,000 ($7.04 psf x 3,500 sf home).

[+] One Man's Mission by Popular Science.



Credits: Peter Bollinger (top); John B. Carnett (middle); and Kevin Hand (bottom). 

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad you posted this! I read the article in Pop Sci a few weeks ago while on a flight. I said to myself, I should send that to Preston in case he had not seen it…. but then I completely forgot!

    Those panels are very interesting – especially since he is essentially assembling the house himself. I wonder how they will market them when they are available? Will they simply sell the panels, or will they sell a kit home, with plans, panels?

    pretty cool!

  • Anonymous

    This product is available world wide through sales representatives. The website is and their phone number is 702-451-7155. Projects are going up everywhere with this product.

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