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This month, (not so) Free Green added a payment structure to some of their offerings, but can you blame them?  They’re providing high-quality home design for next to nothing!  And with the roll out of this new structure, Free Green also introduced some tiny house plans that look pretty slick.  You’re going to have to pay $19.95 / year to get the details, but here’s what we know.  The tiny houses will be net zero energy homes with about 525 square feet of space and a bedroom and bathroom.  Tell us which is your favorite:



Rendering credits: Free Green.

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  • Anonymous

    I chose the modern also. Although I could easily see the rustic placed on a nice Colorado lot!

    I would love to see the interiors…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Preston,

    Thanks for the article and kind words. That said, I would just like to clarify our Premium Membership offering and why it was created.

    Premium Membership (which costs $19.95 a year) allows our users to gain access to our non-sponsored (no advertising) house plans. We wanted to create this option so that we could offer our users both sponsored (and Free) house plans, as well as, “clean” non-sponsored plans which you must be a Premium Member to obtain. This structure also allows us to release designs faster as we do not need to wait to sell advertising before we release designs. That said we are always looking for new advertisers and Premium Plans do have the ability to become free in the future.

    With Premium Membership our users also get access to $1,000’s of dollars in exclusive discounts that we have negotiated with our vendors, and the ability to obtain editable CAD files for any two house plans that they would like (this typically costs about $1,500 per CAD plan). Finally, there is a Professional Level Membership which costs $99.95 a year and allows professional to gain access to any of our plans in CAD format, and also to our Green Building Details Library which is semi-annually reviewed by the Building Science Corporation.

    We hope our users enjoy our new offerings, and look forward to the release of our next Premium House Plan, the Modern Ranch, and a set of 3 new Free House Plans coming in September which is being sponsored by F.D. Sterritt Lumber.

    Commetns and questions are always welcome at [email protected]

    • Xlr8tedpulse

      Im not even going to waste my time telling you what a schmuck you are, but i will say this: i love the modern home. i sent the picture to a friend who is an architect and he drew up the specs for me. so, if anyone out there needs the plans for this uber-affordable home, email me ([email protected]) and I will be happy to send them to you for FREE.

  • Anonymous

    That looks like an isolated location.

  • Anonymous

    Nice looking houses (the modern one is my pick) and thanks for the clarification of membership from davidwax. Unfortunately the idea of forcing the user to pay $20 just to “have a look” at what the plan would entail is a huge turnoff. I’ve been searching small home designs for a while and paying to get just a bit more info (basic layout, estimated cost per sq.ft.) is a real gamble. Many of these designs turn out to be pretty costly in the end and with no way of knowing if I would even like the basic floorplan, I’m not about to pay twenty bucks and hope I like it.

    • Preston

      I’ll spot you one of the two $20 memberships that we’re fronting, if you’re genuinely serious about building a tiny house. That way, if you’re disappointed, no harm no foul.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Preston. I’m still looking at land options, so too early to see how serious I am! Thanks for the offer though. :)

  • Elizabeth

    The following quote has been taken directly from the about page on their website: “FreeGreen has taken advantage of this progression in construction reality to create a symbiotic environment where the placement of our sponsor or vendor products allows us to create better, more usable house plans for our users, while giving us the ability to offer those same house plans for free.”

    I liked Free Green when it was actually free. It used to be that you could get a set of plans to build a house. Supposedly these plans were no charge to us because of paid placement from product manufacturers. Now you can’t even see an overview with basic plans and elevations without paying $20.

    I get it, $20 isn’t a break the bank amount of money, but it is a lot like paying to watch network TV and still have to watch ads (this is an example directly from the Free Green about page). If you are considering building a house, you aren’t looking in only one place for plans and you don’t want to plunk down $20 each time you think you might be interested.

    For those of us that have been tuning in from the beginning this is a bit of a let down. There has to be something in between.

    Maybe it is time to update the mission statement and consider a name change…

    • Preston

      Elizabeth, I hear what you’re saying, you’ve made some solid points. Certainly the company needs the flexibility to evolve with the times and keep the ship afloat, but Free Green is not so Free Green anymore (with the exception of a few free plans still with the paid placements).

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    These houses are so tiny! I cant believe it!

  • Anonymous

    Hello All,
    We actually agree with many of your comments above. As Preston states we are an evolving company (a little over one year old) and working out our site and place in the market. To date we have downloaded over 32,000 free house plans, and have well over 100 Premium and Professional members (in a month since this feature launch). With that we are very proud of our impact in the design and built world.

    To address points specifically, we agree that you should get to see more of our Premium House Plans before signing up for a Premium Membership. We are addressing this issue and a solution will be implemented by Sept. 15th.

    As for the Free House Plans we have more coming soon. From our perspective it only make sense to launch free plans when we have sponsors to fillpay for these plans. We have just signed a deal with F.D. Sterritt Lumber as a lead sponsor for 3 new, and free house plans coming in the winter of this year. With the launch of our Showcase House Plan coming over the same time frame that is 4 new Free House Plans before the end of the year.

    Right now we think that giving our users choice is the key. They can choose to wait until we line up sponsors and only download our Free House Plans, or pay $20 and have immediate access to the plans (and their CAD files) as we create them.

    We thank everyone for your interest in our firm and look we look forward to continuing to change the residential landscape.

  • Anonymous

    I would most likely want to go with the “Rustic Cabin” design. I like the modernist cube design but a home with a roof that would shed snow loads would work best in my area. I am looking for a home design that would be the perfect balance between affordability and “green”, low ecological foot print .
    I have tried my hand at home design – Michael Janzen at Tiny House Design has posted one of my ideas on his blog
    The ideas in these images are barely a start to designing a home and has given me a great appreciation for well design homes. There are very many “trade offs” involved in the process to produce “perfect balances”. I see many who criticizes good designs on blogs like this – criticism is important to improve design but I would like see the criticism be offered with drawings or Sketch-up models that show how the design can be improved. This would give better apprieciation for the work and attention to the small details that are involved in the balances and trade offs in making a good design.
    Just a thought.
    Good luck all.


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  • The New US Woman

    Top, modern amid the wilderness.

  • The New US Woman

    Top one, modern amid wilderness setting.

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