IdeaPaint says it has the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market.  As you can see from these images, the product is applied to your choice of walls, and about seven days later, it’s ready to be used.  It’s just perfect for the brilliant, A Beautiful Mind types reading this.  If you work well with dry erase boards, give IdeaPaint a look.  The company claims green attributes in three main areas.


First, IdeaPaint is a relatively healthy product.  It’s formaldehyde-free and does not off-gas once it’s dry.

Second, IdeaPaint requires less energy to make because it’s stirred, whereas other dry-erase boards are baked and cured.

Third, IdeaPaint ships with less materials than other dry-erase products, and IdeaPaint doesn’t require the kind of raw materials used in typical dry-erase products (i.e., wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, or resin).

[$] More about water-based IdeaPaint products.




Photo credits: IdeaPaint.