Shed spaces of all sizes are popular these days.  Sure, you may run into zoning laws and ordinances, but given the legalities, a well-designed shed space could work perfectly as an affordable office, workshop, or anything else.  So we were interested to learn that We Love Sheds just held an international competition to find the best International Shed of the Year 2009.  Maryland-based entrant Chuck Witmer beat out roughly 186 other shed entries to take this year's prize for THE_SHED.  He built it himself, and it's beautiful.


Chuck runs SCALEhouse design and his thing is to "make bad ass original architecture."  He's big into sustainability and has a BLACKBOX accessory building design that I'd like to see built.  With THE_SHED, Chuck needed a workshop and painting studio, so he used recycled materials from the local materials shop, did a little IKEA hacking to create that 16' long side window, and finished off the shed with sleeping loft inside.  Congratulations to SCALEhouse Design and the Witmer family for an awesome victory. 





Photo credits: Chuck Witmer