The Architectural Review recently mentioned an interesting facade installation on an office building in Utrecht, Netherlands.  Designed by Cepezed, in collaboration with Ned Kahn Studios, the facade is made with about 3,250 square feet of stainless steel mesh.  The mesh grid holds transparent plastic disks, or squares rather, that vibrate and move to the wind.  The effect is an artistic facade that produces a mezmorizing array of shade and light, together with exterior wave patterns that captivate. 


It's a concept that's been applied in various settings (and, not to take anything away from this project, I believe the last one I saw was the back of a water delivery truck).  But wouldn't it be interesting to push this technology a little further, too.  What if you used shaded squares in a tight pattern?  Or flexible solar cells?  Or a piezoelectric generator




Photo credits: Ned Kahn Studios.