"La casa movil de Vodafone," or the Vodafone Mobile Home, creatively combines glass house living, tiny house design, loft-like features, sustainable elements, and portable architecture all in one tight package.  Design Boom recently reported that the portable home was designed by Waskman Design Studio, with CuldeSac, for Vodafone to showcase its fixed phone and wireless internet services.  And blogger Marcos Morales and his family of four are vacationing throughout Spain with it as we speak. 

You can see the construction of this mobile home above.  It was built with white polyethylene panels and clear polycarbonate.  The modern interior has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and two beds upstairs.  The whole thing is 6 m long, 2.5 m wide, and 3.85 m tall, or stated in more familiar terms: 19.7 feet long, 8.2 feet wide, and 12.6 feet tall.

[+] La Casa Movil de Vodafone by the Morales family.





Photo credits: Waskman Design Studio; noticed at Design Boom.