Small Shed with Reclaimed Rainscreen


In conjunction with the small structures trend we’re following, reader Joseph Sandy sent in these photos of his 8′ x 10′ backyard shed in Sonoma County, California.  Sandy bought $180 worth of old fencing from Heritage Salvage, the local reclaimed material supplier, and cut the pieces in usable 2′ segments to create the mesmerizing reclaimed rainscreen.  With a polycarbonate clerestory and plywood/pegboard walls, the inside is ready to go.  And Sandy liked the finished look so much, he’s thinking of turning the design into a prefab kit offering of sheds, studios, offices, and housing.





Photo credits: Joseph Sandy.

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  • Anonymous

    love it. i think this looks incredible, and the fact that it’s got a great amount of reclaimed materials ads to the appeal of it.

  • Andrew Stone

    Very Cool! I have been looking and looking for ideas so I can free up some more space in our garage and possibly incorporate a coop design as well. I really like this.

    Now if I can find all the materials I need in the bulky pick-up piles, I will be set.

  • Anonymous

    this is a great shed and great use of materials. i’m not sure of the climate that it’s in, but does it vent well? is it insulated?

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