Simpatico Green Prefab Prototype Home


Simpatico Homes is a new prefab company that plans to break ground on their prototype home this summer.  Simpatico has a simple philosophy based on three core elements: form (modern), function (modular prefab), and footprint (green building).  The company was kind enough to provide these renderings of the prototype, which will be built in Emeryville, California.  The three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2500 square-foot abode was designed by Swatt Architects to received LEED Platinum.  It will include some of the following green elements:


  • Passive solar design;
  • Living green roof;
  • Floor-to-ceiling Energy Star windows for natural light;
  • Skylights to bring natural light into the building core;
  • Soy-based spray foam insulation for a tight envelope;
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces made with FSC-certified woods;
  • Wood composite rainscreen siding;
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaics; and
  • Rainwater harvesting for landscaping with Rainwater HOGs. 

With striking features such as the contemporary second-floor overhang, generous windows, and upper-level deck spaces, the home is likely to receive considerable attention in the next several months.  If you want to follow future progress of Simpatico Homes, make sure to subscribe to their blog or follow Simpatico Homes on Twitter.  We'll keep you posted …



Rendering credits: Simpatico Homes.

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  • David Steinberg

    These look Great! We here at AltruWood ( are happy to assist you in using FSC Certified Wood… contact us regarding our FSC Certified Western Red Cedar (www.altrucedar).

  • Portland Real Estate

    Very pretty home. I like that it has a green roof, a lot of the homes on this site are amazing but a green roof is still somewhat rare to see. Thank you for sharing.

  • Brian N.

    I love the design, but I bet these are going to be very expensive.

  • Lisa BARONE

    What are the prices ????Do they have 2 bedrooms or one

  • ashoka

    Agree. Excellent site. it made my work easy. loved the designs..

  • Vicky

    It is really amazing house the color of the house is really good.The Eco-friendly material make is different from the other.

  • Greenhvac

    This house looks great and looks even better inside!  Its amazing that they lifted this house in place over the weekend. – watch the lift on youtube. Great look, great feeling of light and spaciousness for this size home.

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