New Green Loll Outdoor Furniture


Loll Designs makes contemporary, durable outdoor furniture from recycled materials.  You've probably seen their 4-slat Adirondack chair, but the company has a number of other pieces, as well as some new ones, too. They're made from 100% recycled post-consumer HDPE, and 90% of the manufacturing waste is sent to a recycling plant (or remember when the guys from Hive Modular recycled Loll pallets to create a barn?).  Loll uses recycled packaging and does a number of other things to reduce the environmental impact associated with business.  Here's a preview of some of the new work:

The Cabrio Lounge Chair – made with 320 recycled milk jugs, this low-profile chair comes in seven colors for the price of $319 a piece. 


The 405 Chaise – made with 960 recycled milk jugs, this pool-side juggernaut is also available in seven colors for the princely sum of $1,200 a piece. 


BBO2 Table and Chairs – the BBO2 chair runs for $190 each and the table for $395, which is just about right if you're looking to set your kids up in style. 


Photo credits: Loll Designs.

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  • Braza

    1200 $ for recycled milk jugs!… They must be kiding…

  • DONG

    Simple,beautiful,easier to be assembled,as well fashion.

  • Carole

    It’s fascinating to see what’s being made from milk jugs these days.

    I do love those lounge chairs, and I’d love to have a couple, but at that price I’ll never be able to afford them. Maybe some day, if and when being green is more common, this type of thing will be more affordable to the average consumer.

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