Maison IDEKIT Quebec Container Home


Using seven recycled shipping containers, architect Bernard Morin and wife Joyce Labelle built this contemporary residence in St. Adele, Quebec.  The home is the first of many to come for their new company, Maison Idekit, which will help homeowners turn containers into architecturally unique, and inexpensive, homes.  The company has two more residential projects set to break ground in the next couple months using a total of twelve container modules.

IDEKIT’s first home is 3,000 square feet with four-bedrooms.  It cost about $175,000 to build and turns container design on its head.  Rather than feature the exposed containers on the exterior, the containers are exposed on the inside — you can even see serial numbers, dents, and corrugated detail in several places throughout the home.  On the outside, the home has five inches of insulation that is topped by brown wood siding.  You can see more in these videos:

[+] Container creativity by CTV.
[+] Building cheaper, green homes by CTV.


Maison a part-entry




Photo credits: Maison IDEKIT.

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  • peter

    tried to go to the IDEKIT website. they claimed to offer the information in english, but their translator doesn’t work. let’s hope they’re better at converting containers.

    • Preston

      I know, I think the website can be chalked up to start up stage quirks. Happens to the best of us!

    • Melissataylor

      Hi there,please take a look at our website we manufacture in Canada.

    • Simondrapeau

       Pete its easy to translate documents ever tried Bing Translator ? And your not Conservative right wing to the point of having anny french friends ?

  • Portland Real Estate

    Very strange concept, but I love it! I am not sure about the containers being exposed on the inside though, does it look artistic and industrial? or does it look worn and rusty? Depending on how it was done I could imaging it going either way.

    • Sam

      If you clad the exterior you lose no internal space

  • Keith

    So did they insulate it with spray foam or fiberglass?
    Looks like spray foam. I’ll bet it looks wild from the inside.

  • Samuel

    nice concept i like it so much and guys you can try google translate to get the english but its not that correct but oh well something better than nothing.

  • Anonymous

    this is a GREAT house, my brother drives by it every day on his way to work. As he says “it makes me want one”

    i truly love it. and i could try to translate some of the site, but not sure what portion people want…

  • No Debt Plan

    I really wish they would share more detailed plans on how they got it down to $58/sq.ft. That is really impressive. I would love to build a 2,000 sq. ft. home at that price! ($116,000!) Perhaps they saved a lot of money on drywall because the inside of the home was just painted, leaving the container walls showing?

    Anyone have any thoughts on how they got it so low?

  • Michael R Stoddard

    Check this “Green” container home out. Who says I am not green :-0 ?

    • lorna brown

      Need to see home that already built

  • Fabien

    Interesting concept, I wonder how it is in Québec very hard winter.

  • Retha

    I love your design. Are there any companies that build container homes for folks who have the land but not a lot of money. We are retired/disabled and live on about $1600.00 a month. We would like a container home, but from what we have seen so far they are only for people who have a good income. Weemm

    • Terranabode

      It’s a shame that they don’t reply to potential customer inquiries. I read a story about their container homes and requested quotes on 100+ basic units and I received no response either from voice mail or emailed msgs. They must be out of business, but I was surprised that they had recently done an interview and home show.

      • LadyJade

        I second that Terranabode. 
        I really liked the concept and tried to reach them, but no answers to my inquiries so far: the phone number is disconnected and when you call the cell number there is a message that advise you not to leave any message if you are calling for the architect of the idekit container house.I wish the company the best and sincerely hope that business is booming so much that they have no time to answer questions. 

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