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Green-made-easy We're giving away a copy of this book to one commenter below, so make sure to comment with a valid email before midnight on Friday, June 19, 2009.*

Chris Prelitz, a sustainability pioneer, is the author of a new book called Green Made Easy: The Everyday Guide for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle.  He lives in a solar-powered home, which often generates more energy than it requires, and had a green flip featured on the Discovery Channel's Greenovate.  As a seasoned sustainability consultant and head of a design-build firm, Chris provides twenty-years of life experience in this easy-to-read book.

Green Made Easy has three main sections: green your life, green your home, and more green for home, work, and play.  It includes links to web resources, a number of helpful diagrams, and green bites, which are helpful tidbits of information on points of interest. 

Some green books hit surface issues with no real depth or authenticity, but Green Made Easy dares to do more.  For example, your regular book on green lighting may explain LEDs, CFLs, mercury in CFLs, and recycling your lightbulbs, which Green Made Easy certainly does.  But this book goes further by discussing overhangs, shading, solar tubes, skylights, light shelves, occupancy sensors, task lighting, full-spectrum lighting, the color of light, exterior solar lighting, night lighting, and how to tap into daylighting.  And this is only one short chapter. 

I might add, Green Made Easy also points to lifestyle changes that not only benefit the environment but that benefit your pocketbook, too.  So if you're looking to make the transition to a greener lifestyle, I think this is a timely guide to get you there.  You can buy a copy online at:

[+] Green Made Easy by Chris Prelitz.

*If you're interested in the book, drop a comment by midnight MST on Friday, June 19, 2009.  Say where you're from if you don't know what to say.  By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to book giveaways on Jetson Green.  Shipping only within U.S.

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  • Michael Portegies-Zwart

    two giveaways? i like those odds more and more.

  • Marc Morgan

    Books are always helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Yay books!

  • John Hopkins

    Looks like a great book!


    Count me in please!

  • Andrew F

    Too often this type of book ignores your pocketbook – I’m glad to hear that this one does not! I’d love to read it (and own it :)

  • Anonymous

    Many people can design/build a “green” one-room shed or studio but being able to apply the concepts to everyday life and reality is the real winner. Making green attainable and traditional is the future.

  • Brad

    I am so down with this book.

    • Preston

      Brad, congrats! You’re the winner of this book giveaway. I’ll email you to get your address to send the book.

  • Mark

    I’ve been exploring my options for “greening” even further, so I’d love a copy of this book.

  • John

    cool always good to have a detailed green how to book

  • jason green

    as sustainability coordinator at st petersburg college in florida, this looks like a very valuable book to share with my students, and other faculty and staff.

  • Clayton Colleran

    As a green minded home builder, this would be a great reference for my collection. Thanks for the offer.

  • Jo Ann Parker

    I am loving it already!

  • Krista

    I would love to have this book.

  • Jeff OJ Hornung

    Whoa! Excited to check this book out… must read? I hope so..

  • Meylo Rodriguez

    I really like that you are promoting this book. If I don’t win it, ill for sure go and buy it!

  • D. Mathews

    Eco Green Realtor in SoCal, District Rep, for Modular/Smart Panel Green build manufacturer.

    Mathews Associates
    Yucaipa, Ca.

  • Adam

    Good stuff!

  • John

    Love the information on this site. This book sounds like an interesting read!

  • Sinan

    Looks like a great book!

  • Gail Neuenfeld

    I have always tried to live green to the best of my knowledge and what I could find….I would love to have some more viable information

  • k

    I would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    My house desperately needs a Green makeover.

  • Brian N.

    Looks like it should be required reading. I do my best, but I can’t stop thinking about the ways in which I could do more to live a green lifestyle. Some for financial reasons, some out of ignorance:^)

  • Arlington, MA

    Big fan of green. Big fan of free as well.

  • Bobk

    Again, please consider me for this book

  • sarah

    Currently in the process of researching specs for my future green home. Newly LEED AP & putting my free time to work! Thanks.

  • Benjamin

    Love it! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Linda

    I would like to have a copy.

  • Andrew Stone

    This is one I would love to read.

  • Greg Coatsworth

    Oh yes I want to enter your contest. I will enjoy the book when I am selected.

  • Greg Coatsworth

    Thankyou for making the books availablie via a contest. Yes, I would like to be one of your contest winners. Yea!

  • Jason

    Was just looking at this book in the store the other day! Sign me up!

  • Steve Fox

    If only it was so “easy” to change our bad habits! Sounds like a serious book, though. I’d like to read it!

  • Shane Hartley

    This sounds like a great book! I’m in Kirkland, WA.

  • Chris


  • Louie Caparelli

    I love reading your articles. I hope some day to build a home that would be modern, “green” and affordable to build and live in.

    Keep up the good work!

  • max

    green lifestyle, i like it. just found planet green channel [114 in NYC w/ time warner] that features shows like greenovate and others – love it! might consider turning off the tv it i get this book…

  • Lola

    I found your site while searching through more economical and environmentally friendly ways of living. Kudos! to both of us!

  • Connor

    I like my odds. big money, big money, big money… or an awesome book on greening your life would be pretty cool too.

  • Misty

    This is a great book and I loved the focus on saving money as most people believe it costs a lot to go green. It’s really just a mind set to get started and do a little research, just like most things in life.

  • Rick

    Sign me up!

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  • Ursula

    i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • squash_v

    Could use this one!

  • Anonymous

    trying to be as green as i can. would love this book.

  • Samuel

    Samuel for “Greener” Garden State.

  • Anonymous

    Have not read it yet, but this seems like it would be a fantastic book for anyone who wants to easily understand how to live greener. I teach a lot of LEED (green building) classes, and through that, students inevitably learn how to live greener. If this is your interest, rather than reading an entire LEED reference guide about green buildings, you could get the same basic ideas (I’m guessing) by reading “Green Made Easy.” My take away points from LEED for the lay-person are: use the car as little as possible, use less potable water, turn lights off and be aware of appliances that are plugged in at all times. Also, the importance of indoor environmental quality (low VOC paints, ventilation, taking shoes off indoors) should never be understated both for health and environmental reasons.

    Daniel Leslie, LEED AP, CleanEdison Education Services

  • Anonymous

    These types of books are great gifts to friends and family members who are interested in going green but don’t really understand too well of how to start. Simple ‘how to’ methods and reasons as to why people she be more aware of their actions is the best way to educate and encourage a change for the better. By understanding the input each of us has as an individual on the environment we start to understand a more holistic approach to a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

  • Steve Burke

    I’d be fully stoked to get this book :-)

  • Matt Winkler

    From Pittsburgh, PA. AKA The City of Champions. Looking to greenify my city, my home, my life.

  • Garren

    Pick me, Pick me!

  • Keith

    I live in Atlanta and there are some decent green things going on.
    We still have smog, waste water, and have too many cars.
    But we’re helping for a beltline, building some green buildings, and probably plugging in some CFL’s.
    Hook me up with this book !!!


  • tara

    ohhh, this book looks great. I would love to win it since we are trying to be a greener family.

  • lostbug

    In New Zealand, willing to pay for shipping if picked.

  • Anonymous

    I blame the website for showing someone like me the I house now I will not rest until I find it. Thanks for all the great info. Gayle (knitwitt)

  • Anonymous

    This book- is something very much needed.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds very similar to the documentary “No Impact Man.” It is important to show people that these changes can be small and have a large impact!!! I look forward to reading this.

  • Ro J

    looks like a great read! I’d love to add it to my collection…..!

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy learning what’s inside these books!

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