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Chris Prelitz, a sustainability pioneer, is the author of a new book called Green Made Easy: The Everyday Guide for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle.  He lives in a solar-powered home, which often generates more energy than it requires, and had a green flip featured on the Discovery Channel's Greenovate.  As a seasoned sustainability consultant and head of a design-build firm, Chris provides twenty-years of life experience in this easy-to-read book.

Green Made Easy has three main sections: green your life, green your home, and more green for home, work, and play.  It includes links to web resources, a number of helpful diagrams, and green bites, which are helpful tidbits of information on points of interest. 

Some green books hit surface issues with no real depth or authenticity, but Green Made Easy dares to do more.  For example, your regular book on green lighting may explain LEDs, CFLs, mercury in CFLs, and recycling your lightbulbs, which Green Made Easy certainly does.  But this book goes further by discussing overhangs, shading, solar tubes, skylights, light shelves, occupancy sensors, task lighting, full-spectrum lighting, the color of light, exterior solar lighting, night lighting, and how to tap into daylighting.  And this is only one short chapter. 

I might add, Green Made Easy also points to lifestyle changes that not only benefit the environment but that benefit your pocketbook, too.  So if you're looking to make the transition to a greener lifestyle, I think this is a timely guide to get you there.  You can buy a copy online at:

[+] Green Made Easy by Chris Prelitz.

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