Green Cubed Modern Eco Lux Home


This is the Green Cubed house, which was designed by Nelse Design + Build.  Located on an infill lot in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, the 5-star home was recently the superstar of a Green Built home tour.  And for those in the area, this modern, single-family home is listed for sale for $900,00, which includes four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms in a 2,667 square-foot package.  Some of its many green features include the following:


  • Vegetated roof system;
  • Cistern for rainwater collection;
  • Irrigation free landscaping and no impervious ground surfaces;
  • High efficiency boiler paired with radiant floor system;
  • Energy Star kitchen and laundry appliances;
  • Carpetless design for indoor air quality;
  • Durable siding and recycled content roof product;
  • Reused salvaged cabinetry and renewable bamboo flooring; and
  • Prewired roof for future solar power.

In addition, 90% of construction waste was diverted from the waste stream, and the home was designed to be 30% more efficient than international energy code.  In testing, Green Cubed received a HERS rating of 56.  To learn more about the house, check this Green Built case study





Photo credits: Paul Clark.

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  • Brian N.

    Cool house. But my god these prices are ridiculous!

    • Preston

      They are, but I try not to say anything about it (usually) without knowing more about the neighborhood and comparative land prices. And in fact, this house was $50k more expensive a couple days ago when I first starting preparing to write about it. Yikes.

      • Brian N.

        Yeah, I figured it had something to do with the neighborhood. Imagine what they would have asked for it before the market dropped!

        I still love reading about all of these homes, even if they are overpriced, Preston. But it still shocks me every time!

  • Portland Real Estate

    Gorgeous house. I love the look and the view from the roof! I would love to be able to see the puget sound water from my house, wow.

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