EcoRock by Serious Materials continues to make headlines.  If you haven't heard of it, you will once the product starts to sell.  EcoRock is billed as a green replacement for gypsum drywall, and it's already received a number of awards and certifications:  Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification, GREENGUARD Certification, and ASTM D3273 for resistance to mold, etc.  In addition, Serious Materials just announced that EcoRock received the world's first validation of claims by UL Environment

With UL Environment validation, a company can receive an independent verification of green product and process claims.  Here's how EcoRock was validated:

  • 80% recycled content;
  • Low VOC emissions (meets CA 01350);
  • Mercury free; and
  • Highly resistant to mold. 

According to a press release issued by Serious Materials, UL Environment performed assessments, laboratory tests, audits, x-ray tests, and resistance tests to verify these claims. 

Although using EcoRock can help contribute to up to 8 LEED credits, it's important to note that LEED is not a certification system for products.  There's not really a dominant certification system for products, so UL Environment validation could fill the gap for some companies.  The validation may just become the go to program for green product and process related claims in the future. 

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