A New Lazor Designed Dwell Home


Some of you old school prefab enthusiasts may be interested in knowing that a brand new Dwell Home designed by Charlie Lazor (i.e., also doing the Flatpak House) is for sale in Sausalito, California.  61 Wolfback Ridge was just completed this year.  The 4,200 square foot home contains 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and an additional 2,400 square feet of decks and outdoor spaces.  It can be yours for current price of $3,650,000. 


61 Wolfback is not expressly green or non-green, although it is a little larger than the homes we tend to focus on.  Floor-to-ceiling windows allow in abundant natural light and can be opened up for natural ventilation when the outside temperature is just right.  As well, a radiant-heat system with polished concrete floors is a smart choice for indoor air quality.  And the views … imagine living in a home with these views. 

[+] 61 Wolfback Ridge by Sotheby's






Photo credits: Sotheby's International Realty.

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  • Robert

    Does anybody know what the outside wood panels are? They look great.

  • Brian N.

    Well, if I was in the market for an oversized, overpriced home, it would probably look a lot like that one…. Very cool design.

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    Gorgeous home! Too bad I dont have a few extra million sitting around that I could use to get this place. I am completely in love with the view, especially from the bathtub. I could imaging relaxing for hours looking at the water. The extra deck space is really cool too

  • phil

    Actually, this home IS a FlatPak House.

  • TC

    My husband and I have a FlatPak house; 2400 sf, 2-story, 40 miles north of SF. Actually we were the 2nd FlatPak off the assembly line. Although we ultimately ended up with a beautiful home the process was frought with unbelievable challenges. We managed to finish the house on time & on budget, but only due to the combined efforts of our GC + my husband and I – amazing General Contractor + my knowledge of Design & Construction (I’m an arch/project mgr for big healthcare projects) + my husband becoming chief product specifiier (he’s a busy physician but basically spent every free moment between patients getting the parts & pieces worked out.) Unlike the project shown above, we didn’t have a $bazillion budget. We actually chose FlatPak because they sold them as ‘great design under $300/sf’ so ‘regular folks’ could have a great design. They also billed it as “green”…it was anything but. Tons of resources to ship the components to the site with some materials coming from as far away as Sweden(?!) when similar materials were available closer to manufacturer. There was also an enormous amount of waste; our GC joked that he could have built a second unit on our property using just the packing materials from the components. Like I said, in the end, we got a beautiful home and managed to keep on our very fixed budget and schedule but it wasn’t easy. We wrote to Dwell Magazine (they were featuring the FlatPak when it first came out) to talk about all of the Lessons Learned but they weren’t interested. I would love it if a real dialogue could happen discussing the real benefits, approaches, challenges, improvements, etc. re: PreFab & Modular residential design and construction. It has enormous potential.

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