As the magazine does every year, Sustainable Industries has just published its list of the Top 10 Green Building Products of 2009.  Selections are chosen based upon environmental performance, scalability / market impact, innovation, design aesthetic, value, and compatibility with LEED.  Download the guide at Sustainability Industries.  Here are the top ten:

Acadia Combined Heating and Cooling System – a super-efficient system that saves up to 70% on energy costs.


ec-H20 – is a technology that converts water into a cleaning solution.  Scrubbers with ec-H20 use 70% less water than others and use no harsh chemicals. 


InSpire Wall – is a transpired solar collector and fresh air heating system that can reduce heating costs by up to $5 per square foot installed. 


Kama EEBS Structural Systems – this is a framing system that eliminates thermal bridging and creates a tight building envelope. 


Plyboo Pure Bamboo Plywood – Smith & Fong obtained the first FSC-certification for bamboo in the world, and it now qualifies for MRc7 treatment. 


RainTube – this is a rain gutter filter made of 100% post-consumer high-density polyethylene.  It's perfect for use in a rainwater collection system. 


Separett Villa – a waterless composting toilet that separates the solids from the liquids. 


Serious Windows – these super-efficient windows have a full-frame R value of 5-11, which can help cut energy bills by up to 50% per month. 


Solatube Daylighting Systems – this technology captures sunlight and redirects it through a tube into spaces where there is no natural light. 


Eleek Your Old Light Fixture – Eleek is a company that provides a lighting restoration service to restore and reuse old fixtures. 


Read about all ten at Sustainable Industries and grab the report.