Top 10 Green Building Products [2009]


As the magazine does every year, Sustainable Industries has just published its list of the Top 10 Green Building Products of 2009.  Selections are chosen based upon environmental performance, scalability / market impact, innovation, design aesthetic, value, and compatibility with LEED.  Download the guide at Sustainability Industries.  Here are the top ten:

Acadia Combined Heating and Cooling System – a super-efficient system that saves up to 70% on energy costs.


ec-H20 – is a technology that converts water into a cleaning solution.  Scrubbers with ec-H20 use 70% less water than others and use no harsh chemicals. 


InSpire Wall – is a transpired solar collector and fresh air heating system that can reduce heating costs by up to $5 per square foot installed. 


Kama EEBS Structural Systems – this is a framing system that eliminates thermal bridging and creates a tight building envelope. 


Plyboo Pure Bamboo Plywood – Smith & Fong obtained the first FSC-certification for bamboo in the world, and it now qualifies for MRc7 treatment. 


RainTube – this is a rain gutter filter made of 100% post-consumer high-density polyethylene.  It's perfect for use in a rainwater collection system. 


Separett Villa – a waterless composting toilet that separates the solids from the liquids. 


Serious Windows – these super-efficient windows have a full-frame R value of 5-11, which can help cut energy bills by up to 50% per month. 


Solatube Daylighting Systems – this technology captures sunlight and redirects it through a tube into spaces where there is no natural light. 


Eleek Your Old Light Fixture – Eleek is a company that provides a lighting restoration service to restore and reuse old fixtures. 


Read about all ten at Sustainable Industries and grab the report.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Some pretty cool products here. I have fallen completely in love with the SolaTube that makes a little skylight anywhere in the house bringing sunlight in from outside. There are several places in my unfortunately dark apartment that something like that would be perfect. The entryway has no windows so it is completely dark all the time without artificial light

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad composting toilets made the list, and this one seems to be more affordable than most. This seems like a technology that needs some pioneers to brave its newness and spread the word that it works. My daughter saw many composting toilets while jtraveling outside the U.S., and she assured me they worked very well. I’m seriously ready to venture into this new territory.
    Denise Thornton

  • Emily

    Solatube does make such a great product…What’s better yet is that the company recently announced a new line of Solatube eChoice Daylighting Systems that are the only Tubular Daylighting Devices on the market that offer homeowners a 30% tax credit!

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