Sustainable Design for Susi Q Seniors


Several years in the making, Laguna Beach now gets its Susi Q Senior and Community Center.  The project is the culmination of the efforts of many — designed by LPA, Inc., built by Swinerton Builders, and project management by Griffin Structures Inc. — and includes 8,200 square feet for the Senior Center and 8,000 square feet for the Community Center.  The pictures below show a beautiful, fresh, and contemporary space with clean lines, but let's also take note of a few sustainable design elements:


  • Natural daylight through skylights and solar tubes;
  • Operable aluminum-clad wood windows;
  • Water efficiency through drip irrigation and water efficient fixtures;
  • Heat island reduction through a cool roof and covered parking;
  • Use of building materials with high recycled content; and
  • The recycling of 75 percent of the construction waste.

There's a YouTube video providing background information about the project and an explanation of the designer's challenge with the problematic site.  With abundant natural light, clean design, and a number of custom materials, Susi Q Senior and Community Center is certain to impress …





Photo credits: LPA.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Very nice, much better than all of the facilities I have seen before. Though, personally I would rather have my mom live with me when she is old. I like that tradition of keeping the parents around, though it has fallen by the wayside these days.

  • Ann Quilter

    Thanks so much. I am so proud of this building you’d think I’d designed it as well! It still shocks me to grasp that Laguna has such a fabulous state of the art building to call our own! Everyone did a fantastic job.

    -Ann Quilter

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