We've all heard, and sometimes dreamed, about the Modern Shed, which is made by a company based out of Seattle, Washington.  But the company recently expanded into full-fledged homes called Dwelling Sheds.  The images here show an installation of one in Port Townsend, Washington.  These Dwelling Sheds can be used as a small home, cabin, getaway, ADU, or any other use imaginable — and they come with a number of green features:



In terms of green options, purchasers can outfit their Dwelling Shed with a modular green roof system, SIPs, cork or linoleum floor tiles, or denim insulation.  As for standard features, Dwelling Sheds allow abundant natural light, feature a recyclable metal roof with reflective properties, and are built with HardiePanels, water-based low-VOC paints, insulated glass windows, and various other durable, locally-sourced materials.

After confirming details with the company, I'll update I've updated this article with a range of sizes and prices.  If the dwelling price is anything close to the studio prices, these will be a smash.  Everyone raves about the approachable pricing of Modern Sheds.  So if you're looking for something modern, green, and affordable, make sure to check out Dwelling Sheds.

[PDF] Dwelling Shed Spec Sheet & Pricing




Photo credits: Dwelling Shed.