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We've all heard, and sometimes dreamed, about the Modern Shed, which is made by a company based out of Seattle, Washington.  But the company recently expanded into full-fledged homes called Dwelling Sheds.  The images here show an installation of one in Port Townsend, Washington.  These Dwelling Sheds can be used as a small home, cabin, getaway, ADU, or any other use imaginable — and they come with a number of green features:



In terms of green options, purchasers can outfit their Dwelling Shed with a modular green roof system, SIPs, cork or linoleum floor tiles, or denim insulation.  As for standard features, Dwelling Sheds allow abundant natural light, feature a recyclable metal roof with reflective properties, and are built with HardiePanels, water-based low-VOC paints, insulated glass windows, and various other durable, locally-sourced materials.

After confirming details with the company, I'll update I've updated this article with a range of sizes and prices.  If the dwelling price is anything close to the studio prices, these will be a smash.  Everyone raves about the approachable pricing of Modern Sheds.  So if you're looking for something modern, green, and affordable, make sure to check out Dwelling Sheds.

[PDF] Dwelling Shed Spec Sheet & Pricing




Photo credits: Dwelling Shed.

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  • Carson

    MY home town!!!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Carson, I like your enthusiasm.

      • Carson

        It’s quite fitting for PT, there is a thriving population that lives out of renovated wood sheds. I lived in one in high school! Entirely made from recycled lumber. We even used scrap insulation,brackets,wiring,tile from garage sales and construction sites.

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    Gorgeous. Although, I am pretty sure the rest of the houses that they make don’t come with that amazing piece of property with a creek running behind the house. That would certainly be a nice feature though. Also, the houses look great but I am not too fond of the wood choice for the flooring.

  • http://www.sondrarose.com/ Sondra Rose

    Thanks for this Preston! Good to see the pricing estimates…I still prefer the Ideabox since they use regular wall construction with plasterboard, and it comes almost ready to move in, saving time and hassle on-site. Pricing is comparable, with a 1240 sq foot unit with deck costing approx $135,000, plus delivery and site costs.

    We have found land and if all works out will have our own Ideabox this summer!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Sondra, we’re excited about your plans — Ideabox is definitely another excellent option to consider in the Pacific NW. Let us know how it goes, we’ll have to write up your new home.

  • SmartComm

    How easy is it to ship the materials to Hawaii -island of Oahu? This is perfect for a property I know up in an area called Maunawili Estates.

  • SmartComm

    How easy is it to ship the materials to Hawaii -island of Oahu? This is perfect for a property I know up in an area called Maunawili Estates.

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