Simple DIY Rooftop Solar Clover


Greentech Media broke news today of a prototype rooftop solar system made for simplicity, shipability, and affordability.  The system is being developed by Armageddon Energy and is aptly called a "clover."  The clover includes three hexagonal solar panels, a micro-inverter, and a triangular frame.  It's lightweight (check out the regular folks below doing installation work) and can generate roughly 400 watts.  The company just finished early stage testing and is readying a beta program for further testing. 


Although installation appears simple, the rack still needs to be mounted to the roof, panels need to be positioned, and everything needs to be plugged in.  But the no-frills design should ease the costs of installation, which typically runs about 30-50% of the cost of the total solar system.

The panels are light — roughly 10-12 pounds per hexagonal panel — because the glass is replaced with a Teflon coating from DuPont.  The panels may not last as long as their glass counterparts, but in any event, a clover is rumored to cost about $6,000 once the company starts prefabbing and shipping commercial volumes about a year from now. 

[=] Armageddon Energy Clovers
[+] An IKEA for Solar? by Greentech Media




Photo credits: Greentech Media.

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    So what we see here would cost $18,000 and the output would be about 1.2kw?

    A professionally installed system, costing a whopping $40k or more can easily put out 15kw or more a day.

    Do the math. Unless this home system was $600 and not $6000 would it be worth it. Im very interested in solar, as one day I’d like to go off the grid, but at this point a pro system gives better output for the money, and both systems you can get state/federal tax deductions as well as possible city deductions too.

    • Preston

      I’m working on verifying cost figures. All I have right now is the article by Greentech Media, so let’s not get too worked up about cost for the moment. The technology itself is interesting, though.

      • David Anderson

        I met these guys at West Coast Green, and I got the impression that $6k was for 3 clovers, for a cost hovering around $6/W installed (including microinverter). He made it clear that prices would drop appreciably at any volume, and I came away feeling like this would be a great modular add-on for almost any application, but ideal for OTG cabins, or yurts at Burning Man. :)

  • dan_the_welder

    Oh Cool!

    It’s FOUR times as expensive as regular solar!


  • Carpenter183

    While the cost is too high, the design has merit. The hex shape would allow for better coverage on hip roofs.

  • Alexander Dombroff

    Any idea what the breakeven point is for these solar panels?

  • Anonymous

    While no doubt easier to mount than conventional panels, they don’t mention that a good deal of wiring and hardware are required to make this a working system. Batteries, and inverter, and wiring work that usually requires a licensed electrician.

    While ease of use is great, I would really like to see more affordable solar come our way. At $5 per watt (or more) it’s still so expensive. Some power providers offer rebates and incentives, unfortunately most Co-ops like the one we use do not. Cost is where we really need the innovation.

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