Chances are, if you've ever researched modern homes online, you've seen the name Gregory La Vardera.  In addition to maintaining a house plan blog (and contributing to a number of other sites and forums), he's on Houseplans.com, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and probably a thousand other services.  Frankly, he's all over the place, and he's trying to incite the kind of housing rebellion we're interested in seeing.  In a blog article dated May 14, 2009, La Vardera describes the ReModern Movement — a time when people build their own modern or green house — and provides a list of reasons for why now is the time:

  1. Builders and developers just don't build them;
  2. Builders need your work and they'll be more affordable;
  3. Lending is starting to come back and rates are reasonably low;
  4. Now is a chance moment to reshape the market;
  5. Build it now, because you will likely do well when the market returns;
  6. Become part of the self-fulling solution to turn things around.

Of course, La Vardera explains the ReModern Movement in long form, and I've summarized it here for simplicity.  But let's think this through.  Maybe he has a point.  Think back to when you last purchased or looked for a home.  If you wanted something modern, green, energy-efficient, or well-designed, did you find it?  Do you want to find it?  Shouldn't you be able to find it?

If you build it, will others follow?

From my perspective, not everything needs to be new construction.  You could also buy an existing home and greenly renovate it with modern amenities.  But new construction works, too.  And let's be honest, contemporary and green homes are few and far between.  So what do you think?  Is now the time for the ReModern Movement?

Photo credit: flickr: lavardera.  This image shows the construction progress of the green 3030 House designed by Gregory La Vardera for a home owner in Cabin John, Maryland.