Project Frog Breaks Ground on Net Zero Energy Watkinson School


Last November, Project FROG demonstrated their FROG Zero classroom at Greenbuild 2008, and it was quite impressive.  Now, the company has a couple projects in the works, and they just broke ground on a new Center for Science and Global Citizenship at the Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut.  The 4,000 square-foot science center will generate more energy within its footprint than is required to operate the systems.  To do so, it will rely on some of the following active and passive strategies:


  • A ground source heat pump;
  • Photovoltaic array;
  • Design to reduce energy-demand by 75 percent; and
  • Windows (with glare control) that allow abundant natural light.

This is Project FROG‘s first foray into a cold climate with their modular system — a system comprised of mostly recyclable components.  The school will feature three, flexible classrooms that can morph into lecture, seminar, or lab instruction spaces.  But no matter what the activity, the baseline LEED Silver design will serve as a springboard for students and faculty to discuss sustainable design, energy efficiency, and green construction.

[+] Take a photo tour of a built FROG Zero classroom.



Rendering credits: Project Frog.

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  • Chloe Lauer

    Congratulations, Project Frog! Moving into a cold climate is certainly a notable milestone. I have been following your growth and development as a company and continue to be impressed; keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  • Jeff

    In these economic times, its refreshing to see important projects such as this one related to education continuing undeterred.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Pretty cool school. The last time I was in Spokane Washington I took a look at their LEED school that had just been completed called Lincoln Heights. It was a very cool looking building, with windows somewhat similar to this one. I really like this look better though.

  • Paul

    Gorgeous design combined with cutting edge technology…love it!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the indoor lighting and outdoor lighting is like.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Interview with Project FROG’s new CEO Ann Hand, World Class Green Energy Exec

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