This is the first LEED Platinum home in Vermont, although perhaps more importantly, it’s a documented and legitimate zero net energy home.  From January 2008 to January 2009, the 2,800 square-foot, single-family residence exported 16 kWh of electricity to the grid.  Over the same time period, a Bergey 10 kW net-metered turbine generated 6,286 kWh of on-site, green energy.  Designed by Pill – Maharam Architects, the handsome farmhouse was built for a family of four and features a number of green elements:


  • Super insulated passive solar design;
  • Thermal bridge mitigation and air sealed envelope;
  • High efficiency, operable windows for natural ventilation;
  • High efficiency lighting and appliances;
  • A ground source heat pump;
  • Long-lasting metal roof with passive overhangs;
  • Heat recovery ventilator (due to tight envelope); and
  • Polished concrete for thermal mass w/ hydronic tubing;

Although this beautiful green home features advanced green technology such as the wind turbine and heat pump, it’s all about passive solar design from the beginning.  For such, it’s a big-time award winner: GreenSource Best Green House of March 2009, 2008 AIA Vermont Honor Award for Sustainability and Design, Efficiency Vermont’s Best of the Best Award in 2008, and NESEA $10,000 Prize for Zero Net Energy Residence.  Pretty incredible!




Photo credits: Pill-Maharam Architects by Westphalen Photography.