Old 1920s Cottage Remodeled to Award Winning Green Duplex


Earlier this month, Hardwick G.C. of Orlando received a Multifamily Remodeling Project of the Year award from the NAHB for converting an old single-family bungalow into a green duplex.  The existing 1920s home was about 800 square feet, and the renovation added about 250 square feet and a garage.  In addition, an attached home of about 2150 square feet (and its own garage) was added to the rear and second floor.  Here are some of the green features of Amherst Place:



  • Lyptus kitchen cabinetry;
  • Energy Star appliances and windows;
  • Cambria GREENGUARD certified stone countertops;
  • Low-VOC paints, stains, and finishes;
  • Light colored roof to reflect the sun;
  • Carpeting from recycled plastic bottles;
  • Four 55-gallon rainwater collection drums;
  • Use of captured rainwater on drought-tolerant landscaping; and
  • Use of ~80% of framing, flooring, and plaster walls in old house.  

The renovation focused on resource efficiency while still maintaining the traditional look and feel of the neighborhood.  Both homes of the duplex received certifications from the Florida Green Building Coalition, as well as from Energy Star and Florida Water Star. 

[+] Cottage remodel wins green award by Orlando Sentinel.




Photo credits: Hardwick GC for Orlando Sentinel

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  • http://mportlandrealestate.com/ Portland Real Estate

    Beautiful home. I have often thought that I will extend my home to include another residence at some point. Mother-in-law apartment would really be cool. I love the alcove that they have in the master bedroom in the picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/holley.b.collier Holley Banks Collier

    Can you tell me the color..brand you used for the roof!??

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