Three of the six homes at Madison Street just received LEED Platinum certification, making them the first Platinum certified homes in Tennessee.  Developed and designed by Christian Rushing and built by Collier Construction, this modern green project recently received the award of Green Development of the Year by the American Planning Association's Tennessee Chapter.  Rushing says it doesn't cost more to build green, it just requires better decisions and smarter skills.  Here are a few of the homes' green features:



  • Passive solar design;
  • Locally manufactured and harvested materials;
  • Renewable and durable cork, concrete, and bamboo materials;
  • Durable fiber cement, larch, and aluminum shingles;
  • Metal roof made of recycled and recyclable materials;
  • Efficient, argon filled, insulated windows;
  • Native, non-invasive ground cover;
  • Pervious paving materials for the hardscapes;
  • Water-efficient plumbing and dual-flush toilets; and
  • Energy-efficient HVAC and Energy Star appliances. 

Although Rushing is living in one of the homes, the other two certified homes are for sale for $242,500 (1,540 square feet) and $249,500 (1,604 square feet).  That's a pretty decent price for LEED Platinum living.  These rightly sized homes sit on a tight footprint and front Jefferson Heights Park, which includes two acres of open space and playgrounds.  Check them out, if you're in the area.



Photo credits: Collier Construction.