May Monthly of Green Articles


It's been another record breaking month in terms of visitors and daily subscribers, and comments are starting to heat up, too.  As you can tell below, we wrote a number of articles on homes and prefab.  Topics such as modern homes, passivhaus, aktivhaus, energy efficiency, etc., seem to get more action.  And giveaways do well, too.  I'll try to get through a few more green books next month.  Expect more unique and original content, because that's what we do.  Contact us if you have a story that needs to be told.  And get your real-time fix @jetsongreen or your green job fix @greenerjobs

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  • Brian N.

    Keep em coming, Preston! I follow lots of “green” blogs but this is by far my favorite because it concentrates on architecture and energy efficiency. Thanks for all you do!

    • Preston

      Thanks Brian, we’ll keep doing our best! Feel free to send us links if you see something that we should be talking about.

      • Brian N.

        Are you sure you want that after the Solar Village link I sent you awhile back? LOL

        • Preston

          Oh yeah, I forgot about that! That was no big deal at all …

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