Swank LEED Silver Designed Hotel Felix


Chicago's Hotel Felix, formerly known as Wacker Hotel, re-opened its doors in April 2009.  Felix is a 225-room, boutique hotel that's been designed (not yet certified) to receive LEED Silver certification.  The lodging also received four out of five Green Eco-Leafs, which indicates that the hotel has been audited and complies with 38 (of 70) unique eco-initiatives.  Some of these green features and initiatives include the following:


  • In-room motion sensors;
  • Use of recycled building materials and products;
  • Use of low-emitting paints and carpets;
  • Organic and natural furniture and bedding;
  • Water-efficient plumbing and fixtures; and
  • Operations with recycling and green cleaning programs. 

In addition to Felix, Hotel Arista in the CityGate Centre in Chicago is also pursuing LEED Silver certification.  Depending on where you need to stay in Chicago, both Arista and Hotel Felix should be on the list.  You can find Hotel Felix at 111 W. Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60610. 



Photo credits: Hotel Felix.

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    Looks great, I would love to stay there. My last couple of vacations I have gone out of my way to try to find the most eco friendly hotel in my price range. Unfortunately, I have found that the truly green hotels are a bit out of my price range, but there have been some available nonetheless.

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